Get 93% More Email Subscribers for your Blog with Optin Monster

Hello Folks,…. Email Subscribers for your Blog is always interesting and curious subject for all bloggers and other online marketers. Here we see how to and with whom we get more email subscribers, or what kind of tools help us to convert website visits or visitors in successful email subscribers of your online blog.

Today in this article I will show you how you can create professional looking and attractive subscriber forms with just a single click. Which will help you to increase your email subscribers.

First you have to understand what your users or audience want from you. Providing relevant information is a great way to attract visitors and turn them to your loyal readers who do not hesitate to subscribe your blog. But providing Good content is not enough to get the work the done.

Blogging is becoming very popular in these days. Today Every bloggers try to increase their email subscribers. But To get email subscribers you have to work hard. You have to provide fresh and rich content regularly.

You have to provide subscription form easily available to your visitors. Which will help your visitors to easily subscribe your newsletter. Increasing the number of email subscriber is a great marketing technique.

The name of this great tool is “Optin Monster”. Optin Monster is the best lead generation tool that allows you to create attention grabbing forms that convert. This tool is also available as a WordPress Plugin. You can create unlimited amounts of subscriber forms.


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Email Subscribers and Optin Monster


Features and benefits of OPTIN MONSTER:

OptinMonster comes with a “What You See Is What You Get” design customizer that allows you to create beautiful optin form designs. It is extremely easy to use for beginners and advanced users alike.

Don’t want to create a custom optin form? Then use one of our professionally designed pre-made templates that are tested and proven to work.
Typography is very important when it comes to design. OptinMonster integrates with the Google web fonts library to give you a wide-variety of font choices.

OptinMonster WordPress popup optin type is by far one of the highest converting optin type available. With advanced controls and professionally designed templates, we allow you to display people pleasing popups that positively increase signups.

OptinMonster floating footer bar allows you to display subtle call-to-action. The footer bar sticks itself to the bottom of the window and scrolls with the user. This uses B. F. Skinner’s positive reinforcement theory to increase your optins.

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OptinMonster offers a slick slide-in optin that slides up from the bottom right corner. This popular effect is known to convert visitors into email subscribers and customers. Slide-in effect is utilized by some of the most well-reputed websites on the internet. Just about every blog has a sidebar optin form, but majority of them don’t measure the conversion. Our sidebar widget allows you to have beautiful form designs along with giving you the ability to track conversion and do split testing.

OptinMonster after post addon allows you to automatically insert beautiful form designs right after your post content allowing the user to email subscribers as soon as they’re done reading. OptinMonster Canvas popup allows you to use our powerful technology with just about any type of design (not limited to optins). You can use it to offer coupon codes, buy now buttons, and basically anything your heart desires.

OptinMonster track user’s mouse behavior as they browse through your website. This allows us to detect the precise moment the user is about to leave the page, so we can show them a targeted campaign. Using the OptinMonster exit-intent, you gain an extra opportunity to retain that user and turn them into a email subscribers and potential customer.

A/B Split testing is one of the most desired features, but normally it is extremely hard to setup. Well, we changed that. OptinMonster A/B testing module is extremely easy to use. All you have to do is click on the Split test button, and it creates a replica optin. Next, you simply use our design builder to make any necessary tweaks and that’s it. The plugin does the rest for you. It randomly serves each option to see what works best for you.


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OptinMonster tracks the number of impressions, total conversions, and the conversion rate. You can see the reports for each optin and utilize various parameters for better overview on email subscribers. OptinMonster also tracks the referral page for each conversion thus giving you a better understanding on which post or page on your site is getting the most conversions with email subscribers. Aside from the referral page, you can also see the user-agent data for each optin. Using these insights, you can make educated decisions and significantly grow your email subscribers list.

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