Free Jio 4G SIM Card for Intex Smartphone Users,..Get the Deal

Intex Smartphone is collaborating with free jio 4g sim card Network. To became a 4G accessible to the ever growing base of digital consumers.

If you are a Intex Smartphone user and need a Relience Jio SIM card for Free. Here are the list of Intex phone list, one which free jio 4g sim card offered.

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Free Jio 4G SIM Card for Intex Users.

Intex consumers will be able to access an exclusive preview of the Reliance Jio 4G services. For a period of 90 days, absolutely free.

Intex Cloud Zest, free jio 4g sim card,

List of Intex Smartphone for Free Jio 4G Card.

  • Aqua 4G – Cloud Fame 4G.
  • Aqua 4G Star – Cloud Flash.
  • Cloud Glory 4G – Cloud String HD.
  • Aqua 4G Strong – Cloud Jewel.
  • Aqua 4G+ – Cloud Swift.
  • Cloud 4G Smart – Cloud String V2.0.
  • Aqua Ace – Aqua Craze.
  • Aqua Ace 2 – Aqua Eco 4G.
  • Cloud 4G Star – Aqua Strong 5.2.
  • Aqua Ace Mini – Aqua Music.
  • Aqua GenX – Aqua Secure.
  • Aqua Super – Aqua Shine 4G.
  • Aqua Trend – Aqua Strong 5.1.
  • Aqua Turbo 4G – Aqua View.
  • Aqua Wing – Aqua Power 4G.
  • Cloud Crystal 2.5D – Aqua Raze II.
  • Aqua Pro 4G – Aqua S7.
  • Aqua Craze 2 – Aqua 5.5 VR.
  • Aqua E4 – Aqua Retscan.
  • Aqua Amoled 4G – Cloud S9.

So, the above mention Intex Devices are eligible for the free Jio 4G SIM card offer. But now the main question is How to apply for free 4g sim card?. Ahead we see setp by step guide instructions for getting and applying for free 4g sim card.

Steps to Aply for Free 4G SIM Card.

  1. The Jio Preview Offer can be availed by Intex consumers on purchase of select models by downloading the MyJio application available on Google Play.
  2. Following this, the consumers will find a ‘Generate Coupon’ option. On clicking the option, a barcode coupon will be generated.
  3. The coupon generated is non-transferrable and is valid for a limited period.
  4. Consumers are then required to submit proof of identity and proof of address for verification at the nearest Reliance Digital or Reliance Dx Mini stores or select modern trade outlets.
  5. Upon successful submission and authentication of all documents, a Jio SIM card will be handed over to the consumer.
  6. Consumers can then activate the ‘Preview Offer’ from the MyJio app, and access all the services including JioPlay, JioOnDemand, JioBeats & JioMoney on all the VoLTE and Non-VoLTE devices*.

This offer is immediately in effect for Intex mobile Users. Now go ahead and get your 4G SIM for a free of cost.

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