How to Find Hidden Messages on Facebook Messenger Inbox on iPhone

How to find hidden messages on Facebook messenger? If you are take interest in snooping other peoples fb account activity and like to know hidden messages on Facebook iPhone or android mobile phones. Here are some interesting tips to know secret messages on messenger.

Recently Facebook revile: that has a secret folder that’s full of hidden message box in Facebook. It thinks its users don’t want to see. OK, so you know how there’s a “message request” box in your Facebook messenger inbox. Where you can either accept or deny messages from people who aren’t your friends?

Secret Hidden Messages in Inbox Facebook Messenger App

But there is still another hidden messages folder, That keeps people from seeing every message they’ve been sent. The hidden messages on Facebook app reside in a special folder called “Filtered Message Requests”. And the name refers to the fact that, it seems to use technology to hide away messages. That, it is thinks people don’t want to see.

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Here is the simple way to find: where to find hidden messages on Facebook? It can be found by opening up the Messenger app and heading to the Settings tab at the bottom. There, you’ll find a “People” option – click that, choose “Message Requests” and select the option to see “filtered requests“.

How to Open Hidden Messages on Facebook?

1. Click on your FB Messenger app and go to the Settings button at the top (or bottom, depending on whether you’re using Apple or Android).

Step 1 for Secret Hidden Messages in Inbox Facebook


2.Then go to “People” tab for further step.

Step 2 for Secret Hidden Messages in Inbox Facebook

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