How to Select the Right Brand for Solar Products

Choosing a solar products brand can be a daunting task, especially when you don’t have much idea about solar products, and the differentiating factors for choosing one. Also, with so many companies out there in the market, choosing the right solar products brand can get all the more confusing and overwhelming. If you too are planning to buy a solar product and are unsure of which brand to choose, we are here to help. In this post we list some of the most important points that you should keep in mind when looking for the right brand for buying a solar product. Let’s take a look.

Best Solar Product,

Read Online Reviews

One of the best ways to check the reputation of a solar products company is to read online reviews. You can check out various consumer review sites such as Google My Business, Amazon, Yelp, Facebook etc to find out what the consumers have to say about the company. In fact you can also check out Youtube videos for online reviews by solar experts.

Pro TipSteer away from brands where you see a clear pattern of consumer complaints.

Don’t Let Price Be the Only Criterion for Selecting a Brand

Price is an important factor to consider when buying any product,  but that doesn’t mean one should buy a solar product just because it is cheap. Instead, one should first determine what their budget is and then look for the best product available in their  There are some great product reviews online, such as this sunpower maxeon 5 review.  Also, you should focus on factors such as warranty, after sales service, etc to determine the price to value that the brand offers, and not just the price.

Go with a brand that provides end to end solution

It is advisable to choose a brand that offers a one stop solution. Right from offering a wide range of products to installation solutions to after sales service, the company should provide end to end solutions. This will help ensure peace of mind and also save you the time and effort of liasoning with different companies.

Also, it is important to choose a brand that offers a wide range of solar products. That’s because the power requirement varies from one household to another. For example, if someone wants to install a solar power system that runs only basic electrical appliances such as LEDs, bulbs, fans, etc., they can go with a basic solar inverter. Whereas those who want to run heavy load appliances such as ACs, washing machines, etc. they should go for an advanced solar inverter that supports heavy loads. One such brand that offers a wide range of solar products is Luminous India. check out their exclusive range of solar products.

Go with a Reputable Brand

“Rome was not built in a day.”

The age old adage holds true for all those trusted and reputable solar brands, out there, that have been in the business for more than a few decades now. A brand’s presence for several years, in the market,  is a testimony to the fact that people have shown their trust in the company’s products. Also, a company that has been in business for a comparatively longer period would have evolved more in terms of technology as compared to the newly established companies.

It is therefore recommended that one should go with a reputable brand that has been in the business for quite a substantial time. The safest bet is to go with a brand that has the reputation of being one of the pioneers in the industry. Luminous India, for example, is one of the most trusted names in the solar products space and has the reputation of being one of the pioneers in the industry.

Don’t Let Price Be the Only Criterion for Selecting a Brand

One of the most common mistakes people make when buying a solar product is that they choose a company just because it offers the cheapest rates in the market. This, however, is not the right approach and one should rather fix a budget and then look for the best brand that offers a solar product that is within their budget.

Remember, the criterion for choosing a brand should be ‘price to value’ and not just price alone. To determine the price to value, you should consider factors such as warranty, after sales service, technology etc. If you are looking for a reputable brand that offers end-to-end solutions, we recommend you to go with Luminous India, one of the most trusted names in the solar products industry.

Also, if you have any queries or want to learn more about solar products, you can talk to their solar experts by logging on to their official website.

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