How To Stop Photo Tagging On Facebook

Are you annoying from unwanted photo tagging into unrelated photos and long conversation of comments on that photo??? Yes, sometimes it is too irritating when your friend tag you a in a photo with other friends whom you don’t know, the situation becomes annoying when every single irrelevant comment on that photo turns into notifications.

How To Stop Photo Tagging On Facebook

It is easy to untagged from a photo and unfollow a post, but suppose a situation “As lots of the person’s tendency of adding unknown person on Facebook, Yesterday night you add someone into your friend list whom you don’t know whether it is real or fake. If he/she is tagged you in an offensive photo, it will show on your timeline and your other friends can see also on their News Feed that ‘You was tagged in a Photo’. If your relatives and family members are added into your friend list, you can imagine the situation”

“Prevention is better than Cure”

You can easily stop unwanted photo tagging on Facebook by following simple steps.

Step 1. Login into your Facebook account.

Step 2. Go to ‘Privacy Settings’ from top right corner.

Step 3. Into ‘Privacy Settings’ go to ‘Timeline and Tagging’.

Step 4. You will find “Review posts friends tag you in before they appear on your timeline?” which is by default Off.

Step 5. Enable it by clicking on edit. Done!!!

Now you are safe from unwanted tag.  After saving the changes if someone tag you on Facebook then you will get the options to either Approve or Disapprove the posts. These posts will not visible on your Timeline until you manually approve them.

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