All You Need To Know About Beginning Your IGTV Marketing Journey

Engagement rates on the different social media channels are going down these days. Are you of the same feeling? Professionals, especially marketers, will not like this because hikes on social media platforms are what they look out for.

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Social media is one exquisite and new way of earning money while flaunting your products and services most admirably. Businesses cannot pay for advertisements on these platforms. So, what’s the solution to this problem? Yes, you got it right! It’s Instagram’s IGTV!

IGTV has changed the game for all involved in Instagram marketing. This fairly new addition to the platform has transformed it for good. Now, Instagram is more than a simple image-sharing space! It is now a place where marketers can share the best of video content for a huge transition.

Well, the learning curve is still there for the marketers, having said that IGTV is brand new! What do you need to work on considering the new marketer you are on the path of using Instagram’s IGTV? Here’s a breakdown of the journey:

1. Use Top Quality Video Maker for Creating Visually Strong Content

Boasting of over 10,000 followers availing the potential of broadcasting for around 60 minutes, IGTV’s visually strong content can prove to do the best for marketers when it comes to luring Instagram audiences.

Videos on IGTV generally range between 15 seconds and 10 minutes in length. The 16:9 ration of the platform takes up the full screen. This limits distractions while giving the viewers a fully immersive experience while viewing videos.

Experts are of the view that IGTV videos need to be filmed in such a way that they can be cropped easily into vertical formats. Using a good quality video maker will be effective here as it will help you in creating visually appealing and fun videos.

So, avoid being that talking head on IGTV that points in front of the camera! Your main objective should be keeping the prospective buyers engaged.

2. Use Exclusive Video Content for Building a Niche Audience

Sharing unique but informative video content with the viewers can help you build a niche audience for IGTV. This entails giving the audiences a daily dose of data-driven and appealing content. Gradually, you will find that your audience in developing an emotional connection with your brand.

One of the best things about using video content on IGTV is that it does not require much editing. The audiences these days love viewing original and authentic content. You can work on covering different corporate events such as speaking engagements, trade shows, and social gatherings.

You can even narrate brand stories or broadcast expert interviews or even take the viewers for virtual office tours.

3. Why not Create Amazing Tutorial Videos?

Of course, it is quite beneficial to creating handy and amazing tutorial videos as they go a long way in building engagement. These are basically how-to videos with the potential of covering different varieties of topics.

For instance, if you own a fitness brand, you can create videos with a focus on healthy recipes or workout tutorials. If you are into selling products, create how-to video content focused on the right way of using your product.

4. Do Not Forget: Silent Viewing Optimization

Regular IGTV marketers must make it a point to optimize their videos in a way that they do not play audio as soon as they are viewed.

This is important because high-decibel and loud music can stab the users if the sound on an Instagram video plays out all of a sudden from nowhere.

5. Double Promotion Is a Must for All the Videos

Posting video content on IGTV is not sufficient for making your brand stand out from the others. What you must actually aim at is posting videos on the other channels as well. Try promoting video content through stories so that consumers know about your presence on the other channels as well.

Best in this regard is linking your IGTV content on your Instagram stories, but provided you are a verified user. This will help people in using the swipe-up feature to get directed to your video. As simple as that! Believe it or not, it brings amazing brand awareness results!

6. Going Behind-the-Scenes Is Useful

So, you have this cool stuff in your workplace or engage in an exclusive workplace environment. Try using it as an advantage and show your followers and fans everything that’s happening behind the scenes.

You can take the viewers on a joyride of the office or include them in conferences attended by your employees. All this and more are simple steps you can take towards humanizing the products you are dealing in. The strategy will pay huge dividends, and that’s for sure!

7. Feature the Stories of Loyal Customers as Social Proof

There is nothing more persuasive to the prospects that your loyal customers are talking about the reasons why they use your products or services. What’s the harm in taking a chance? Try spotlighting a few loyal consumers on the IGTV platform.

Include them in the videos you are posting and allow them to tell the viewers everything they love about your brand.

8. Nothing Works More Efficiently than Being Original

Be what you are! There’s no use faking around. Sticking to your originality will bring you great results. After all the fame and content, you must ensure that you are not observed as a completely changed corporate by the users.

Be original with your marketing vibes and tone. Authenticity is fruitful though it takes time to pay back. Your users must feel that you are not into any promotion and that you deal with genuine content.

The Takeaway

The brand new platform that IGTV is, coming up with high quality and well-planned video content, is a must for the beginners into marketing on this channel. Doing this right will definitely give you the scope of building an Instagram following for the products you are dealing in.

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