Way To Make Money Online With Yengo Advertising Affiliate Marketing

Hello Folks,… If you are thinking of earn extra make money online and earn your livable . Then have a look of ” How to make money online With Yengo advertising affiliate marketing“. Here I would like to share some of my personal experience about and with Yengo online advertising.

Yengo new digital media  was created in 2010. Now, it has nearly 10,000+ active publishers. It is Really and amazing publisher friendly. You can create any types and sizes of ad block, which suits your website layout and finally you can achieve amazing user experience.

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How to Make Money Online With Yengo

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Amazing online advertising companies Yengo’s Features:

1)  CPM based ad network.

2)  Publisher Friendly

3)  Easy to create ad blocks.

4)  To receive payment via PayPal, the minimum payment allowed will be $10 USD.

5)  To receive payment via bank transfer, the minimum payment allowed will be $300 USD.

6)  Only Requires 300 visitors a day.

7)  Pay after minimum every 30 days.


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Website Ads for Publishers Basic Terms and Conditions:

Apply to the products and services made available via www.yengo.com. Please read these terms carefully before using the Service. Accessing or using the Service indicates that you have accepted these terms and conditions in their entirety. If you do not accept these terms, then use of the Service is prohibited.

Hire i would like to say that other also taking about this program, just have look, Yengo has a very unique system that delivers a very effectively targeted market and allows us to reach large numbers of potential customers even with small advertising budget. – Media Intelligence Co.,Ltd

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Know More On Ad Network Yengo

Yengo is a world class advertising tool; we use the latest techniques in online advertising and traffic exchange to drive customers to your ‘doorstep’ and increase traffic to your website. Yengo has pioneered a unique advertising model, whereby we attract visitors from all over the world with fresh, interesting and eye catching news articles and then direct traffic to our advertisers’s sites based on the interests, device, geo and time targeting that advertisers specify.

Yengo work with over 48,000 quality partners and have access to millions of visitors with an array of interests. Yengo compliment this constant source of traffic by making sure that your ads are appealing and customized to stand out to your target market in order to obtain optimum results.

Yengo pride ourselves on our individual customer service ensuring that your website or online business gets the exposure it needs, customized to your budget and requirements; we endeavour to keep you in full control of all content displayed on your site! With our low cost rates, advertising with Yengo can slash your advertising budget by as much as 75% and ensure a huge increase in traffic.

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