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Hello Folks,… New Update WhatsApp Features, When you’re using an app day in and day out, it’s easy to miss out on new features that get added. But what did you get in all those updates? With WhatsApp, quite a bit. The best social network or instant messenger app is the one which all of your friends and family use.

WhatsApp has an incredible user base now, and after becoming one of the fastest growing social networks, it’s now adding features to make it a solid, robust app.

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WhatsApp Features : ‘Starred Messages’ to Find Them Later


When someone sends an important message on WhatsApp, you can’t save it. Finding it later can be a pain, despite the robust search engine in WhatsApp.

New WhatsApp Features Updates, now lets you ‘star’ messages. Long-press any message, choose the Star in the top menu bar, and move on. It’s exactly like a bookmark or a favorite.

Later, when you want to look up any bookmarked message, go to Menu >Starred Messages and you’ll see them all, listed chronologically.

The starred whatsapp messages can also be searched, so you can find all the important stuff you marked by some person. You can also ‘unstar’ a message later, so that the Starred Messages can be cleaned up easily.

Back Up Chats to Google Drive WhatsApp Features


If you accidentally delete your WhatsApp chat history, you can restore it in a few steps. But what if you lost your phone, or got a new one, or had to reset your existing storage? While WhatsApp backs up chat history regularly, there’s now an easier (and better) way: Google Drive.

The new version of WhatsApp for Android lets you automatically backup your chat logs to Google Drive. Go to Menu > Settings > Chats and Calls > Chat Backup> Google Drive Settings and set it up. I’d recommend backing up daily (you can choose weekly, monthly, or manual), over Wi-Fi only (thus saving data costs), and including videos.

Remember, you can get 1 TB of Google Drive storage for free, so as far as WhatsApp backups go, you should be fine even if you upload all of the videos and photos.

Easier Way to Clear Chats


Mark Messages as Read or Unread WhatsApp Features


Use Custom Notifications for People and Groups


Latest WhatsApp Features : Link Previews


This is a neat new feature that doesn’t really make you do anything special, but just adds to the overall experience.

When a link is pasted into a WhatsApp chat, you will now see a link preview with an image from the article, the headline, and the base URL—much like what you see on Facebook or Twitter.

If you’re the one sharing a link, you have the option to not include that preview, too

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