Protect Your Computer From Hackers : Essential Tips

Protect Your Computer From Hackers: Undoubtedly, your computer is more important than any other electronic possession of yours. Not because it is the most expensive device of all devices that you have, but because it has a world of information and leaking of this will devastate you.

Protect Your Computer From Hackers : Essential Tips

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Of course, your system should be safe guarded with system security programs, so that intruders don’t break in to steal your valuable information, to cause you any kind of damage. Read on and know the programs that can create a strong clad around your system.

Some Tips Which Helps You To Protect Your Computer From Hackers

Internet security:

Internet is useful and harmful in equal measures. Every day there are many malicious programs that are being flowed down into the internet. If not taken care, your system will be affected and all your personal information will be in trouble makers’ hands. To prevent this from happening, use an internet firewall in your system. Firewall protection keeps the virus or any other malicious programs away from your system.

Malware protection:

Malware protection programs monitor the activities of your computer, to keep your computer free of any malicious programs. Hackers take every effort to pass the malicious programs through all means possible—be it e-mails attachments or web pages.

There are malicious files, which mask themselves as part of Windows programs. This makes it difficult to detect and remove such files. Symantec’s Norton 360 and Kaspersky ONE are two of the anti-malware programs that can prevent the spam e-mails, virus in the e-mail attachments or any malicious file that exists in your computer.

Certain anti-malware programs also give a feature of periodically backing up of data.


Encrypting a file or folder becomes important, when that particular document contains sensitive information (say, regarding your finances). Encrypted file cannot be accessed without the password. If anybody unaware of the password tries to access the file, then he can only see some random bits.

Windows 7 has built-in encryption feature for encrypting files or folders. However, there are open source programs available for encrypting files. One among them is TrueCrypt.

Safe practices:

Despite of using the security programs, your safety is in your hands too. When you’re in the internet, you should be careful before clicking certain links that you’re doubtful about. For example—unless you’re sure about the sender, do not open an e-mail, as it could be a trap. Also, do not download any attachment from an unknown sender, as it may bring malicious files into your system. Create unique password for your account, by mixing all kinds of characters.

Follow the above mentioned practices, to protect your computer from hackers and the information in it safe.

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