Unfolding the shiniest career of IT: Cyber Security

According to sources, the job postings in cyber security have increased by 94% in six years as compared to a 30% increase in the job postings in other IT departments. This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are a lot of eye-opening statistics where this comes from. Information security professionals are easily among the top 10 most demanded professionals by companies today.

Future of Cyber Securities Jobs, Cyber Securities Jobs,

If you were to undergo network security training or ethical hacking training rather than software engineering training, then you would find it much easier to get recruited by companies. And guess what, this scenario is not country specific. This is the state of the entire world right now that is undergoing a major cyber security crisis.

Cyber Security Career Opportunities

The rising number of cyber threats and the mind-boggling lack of information security investment in organizations translates into amazing opportunities for cyber security professionals.

Here’s another fact for you: the Certified Ethical Hacker certification, popularly known as the ceh certification by EC-Council has become one of the top 10 information technology certifications pursued and demanded by students.

Now that is clearly a good sign for anyone who has found their calling in cyber security. Coming to the post-pandemic world, we can say one thing for certain: these professionals will not just rise in demand all over the world but they will also never run out of a job even when things get worse.

Yes, think about it. Today, most of our tasks can be completed digitally. From setting an alarm to paying our bills, from ordering food online to planning our vacation, zeros and ones can literally do anything for us. This means that no matter how much we advance in terms of digital technology or how smart our devices become, at the end of the day they will still need to be protected against misuse and manipulation.

Future of Cyber Securities Jobs

A lot of people still don’t think that cyber security is a full-time business. But they can’t be more wrong. According to market analysis, the cyber security market in India will grow to USD 3.05 billion by the next year, at a speed that exceeds the global growth rate of this market. By 2023, forecasts indicate the market size to reach a whopping USD 248.26 billion.

10 years ago, companies did not even know that they would be needing cloud security specialists to protect their data. And 10 years from now, companies would be needing a new generation of specialists to protect a technology that has not even been invented yet. As automation and artificial intelligence continue to transform how businesses function, new venues and opportunities for cyber security professionals are created out of thin air.

In a nutshell, a career in cybersecurity looks more than just bright in the upcoming future: it’s downright golden. And if you want to make the most out of these windows of opportunities that are more than likely to stay open for decades to come, then check out how to build a career in cyber security and enroll yourself in a course.

Let us also tell you that apart from the recruitment benefits, you will enjoy a buffet of other merits as well in this profession, like extremely handsome salary, unmatched job satisfaction and an exciting work life to name a few. So, why wait? Go ahead and make hay while the sun shines, which to be honest will be shining for a long time in our digitally promising future.

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