5 Ways Technology Could Help Us During and After Lockdown

With almost 6 million recorded COVID-19 cases around the world by the end of May 2020, it’s not a surprise that it affected every single one of us. Business, education, entertainment, and private sectors are all sharing the same sentiment, “When will things go back to normal?”

If this has happened in the past, more people may continuously die and be affected. Thankfully, we now have the technology and the Internet of Things that help us cope and get through this tragic situation.

There are many ways technology helps us during the Corona virus outbreak and the lockdowns instigated by the countries’ governments. And now with some nations lifting city quarantines, there are also solutions on how to get back on track using technology.

How Technology Can Help During and After Lockdown

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1. EdTech (Education Technology)

In countries like Japan, Korea, and China, EdTech is already applied via online tutoring services. With the current COVID-19 issue, many countries are trying to implement remote learning to prevent children from going to school that may cause wider spread of the virus.

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Different countries have their ways of utilizing EdTech to support remote learning for students. One of these ways is using online learning apps and platforms with the cooperation of local schools. Using devices such as laptops, tablets, or smartphones and an Internet connection, students can study from the safety of their homes.

Understandably, many families would have financial struggles which may prevent them from buying or having a device for their children’s remote learning.

Luckily, there are cheap devices perfect for students that will help parents on a budget without compromising their children’s learning. Based on Joy of Android, the Samsung Chromebook 3 is a cheap gadget that’s great for studying at home.

For students and areas that cannot afford an Internet connection and gadgets, governments especially in third-world countries are coming up with ways to use radio and television to deliver education to less fortunate students.

2. Using Technology and the Internet for Business owners

It’s not a secret to everyone that the COVID-19 outbreak is continuously affecting businesses all over the world especially the tourism sector. Fortunately, many businessowners can use technology and the Internet to continue operations.

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Small business owners have turned to online selling and delivery services for their products. Big companies also continue operating by having their employees work remotely from their homes. Using different online platforms and services, businesses and companies cope with the current situation.

This is a win-win situation for employees as well. Workers can continue to earn their regular wages to support their families even while staying at home. While governments are providing financial support to most people, having continuous income especially during this time is essential for survival.

Doodle, a scheduling platform, revealed that there has been more than a 40% increase in virtual group and one-on-one meetings in March 2020 compared to the previous month. With the right use of technological tools and devices, businessowners can survive the pandemic until everything goes back to normal.

3. Teletherapy for Mental Health Patients

We shouldn’t forget mental health patients during this COVID-19 crisis. They’re more affected now than ever because of the lockdowns in almost every country.

With the use of technology, teletherapy has become possible even during these struggling times. Teletherapy allows therapists to continue their practice even during the Coronavirus lockdown. It’s also a way for patients to get the treatment they need without leaving their homes.

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While phone calls may work in some cases, therapy using videoconferencing makes sessions more successful. Group therapies as also possible using this kind of platform.

Besides ongoing mental issues, the virus creates a strain on many people’s mental health. The fear and sudden impact on lifestyles may cause depression, loneliness, and anxiety. That’s why constant communication between friends and family using the Internet helps in the prevention and management of mental health.

4. Smart Home Devices for Remote Home Management Post-Lockdown

Some countries are trying to recover from their economic crisis because of COVID-19 by allowing companies and businesses to operate under certain rules. This means that many employees will go back to their offices.

It may be challenging for some since they’ve been staying in their homes for months. Worries and fear of parting from home are some of the problems that may arise once people go back to their normal schedules.

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To help with this post-lockdown issue, installing smart home devices is a big help. With the use of this tech, anyone can manage and monitor their homes remotely.

Surveillance cameras that can deliver real-time video feed to connected smartphone devices. Smart thermostats and temperature sensors will help people adjust temperatures inside their homes remotely.

5. Receiving Up-To-Date Information

Being informed with up-to-date news is essential during and after the coronavirus outbreak. Everyone can receive news using their devices. Subscribing to reputable online news platforms is one of the best ways to be updated with current news.

People also need to know any local government announcements on certain rules after lockdown to prevent the virus from spreading even more. Using technology, the national and local governments of their respective countries can deliver announcements immediately.

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However, people must be vigilant since not all news online is true. The spread of fake news on the Internet can cause confusion, danger, and panic. It’s important to know what’s true and not.


There are still many ways that technology helps us during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s safe to say that we’re fortunate to have lived in this time and age where most problems have solutions.

Although there’s still no vaccine for this virus, people can continue to stay at home to prevent the further spread of the Coronavirus. And with the use of devices and the Internet, we can still continue to function “normally” in today’s society.

We must all work together to prevent the virus from spreading. Staying at home as much as possible can stop COVID-19 from causing more damage and deaths. Let’s use technology wisely to help everything go back to normal.



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