WhatsApp emoji Update for Android Mobile

Hello Folks,…New WhatsApp for Android version 2.12.441 that is gradually rolling out to users finally brings an updated emoji set.

Users will now have access to a number of new WhatsApp emoji symbols Like

Unicorn, popcorn box, champagne bottle, racing cars, medals, and even a new detective emoji in the faces tab.

Talking about tabs there are more tabs (making it simpler to find them), with eight tabs showcasing the new sports, flag, bulb, and a separate beverage tab.

WhatsApp emoji Update for Android Mobile

The problem for now remains the Google Play Store, which has yet to reflect 2.12.441 version of the app. But for those who cannot wait, you can simply head to Whatsapp 2.12.441 Update . download .apk files and install the same over your existing app.

WhatsApp emoji Update 2.12.441, version available in the Google Play Store is tagged as 2.12.449, but still does not have the new emoji inside. So the only way to get the new emoji right away is from  Whatsapp 2.12.441 Update

WhatsApp recently update group chat the number of group members from 100 to 256.

While this came as good news, this is indeed a good indicator of its business move, which  was brought to light after the app went free for everyone.

Download New emoji Update 2.12.441

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