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9 Reasons Never to Choose Free WordPress Hosting

You often hear from your friends who is in blogging field often says WordPress is far better than blogspot when you are taking with him/her on that topic. I would also say you the same that WordPress is far far far more better than Blogspot. 

But if you have a baby blog and you earn 0$ – 10$ per month and thinking to migrate to WordPress by taking “FREE HOSTING” then stop right here!!!



Think one more time.Are you taking the right decision or you are mentally moved by your friend’s pressure???

But I would say you that if your blog is baby blog and your earning sucks to only 0$-10$.Then stick with blogspot without going to any other platform.Because without earning a penny am pretty sure that most of the percentage will choose free hosting.

The same mistake was done by me which cost me big later on. I took free hosting before I posted the earnX.pw review.

Here I will share my experience and say you how it fucked me up !!!

Firstly you should remember this phrase – “Nothing is free in this Planet” So,how can you think of getting a home for free. Got confused…
Right???Ok lemme just brief it a bit.

You are buying a home for staying there and for that you are paying a certain amount of money.Is there anyone who get it for completely free???No,no one but if anyone is there who is giving for free feel free to contact me I need one :-p.

So similarly when you are taking hosting it means you are buying a bit of place for your website in this cyber world. So how can it be free??????No way man!!!

Though free blogging platform is too great but as always has limitations. You should not choose blogspot or any other free platform when you are planning for long term blogging. But choosing Blogspot is far better than hosting a blog with free hosting companies.

Today in this article I will explain Why you should not choose free hosting to host your blog

You do not have any hand of your Own

When you are taking free hosting be sure that you have no proper control over your site. It will be managed by the hosting company anf they can do whatever they want(although they follow some Terms and Conditions which they are bound to follow)

Advertisement Spamming

When you are using free hosting be ready to get irritated.Yes you heard me right. It allows random advertisement to be run on your website.

A bit of advertisement is ok but when it starts showing pop up advertisement and redirect your readers to some other websites that time it hurts.

The reasons free hosting shows up ads from advertiser’s on your website because otherwise it cannot rack the money they spend on buying space to provide you free hosting and doing some profits.

Another unfair policy is that you won’t be paid a single penny for allowing advertiser’s to run ads on your website,the whole profit will be racked by the hosting company itself


As your website is running over free hosting the host can take down your site any time whenever feels.

The reason may be he is not getting the amount back as the amount he is spending in hosting your website . Whatever the reason may be it  had the full control over your site.


Not all but many free web hosting company injects Malware and other Viruses to your site.And this viruses are very harmful for websites.

They disclose all the personal information related to your site to others and this viruses and malware sometime leads to ban of your site due to inproper functioning and absence of security

Biggest Issue

The main thing which you focus after launching your site is that how to rank on Search Engines.But let me tell you Search Engines don’t likes website with free hosting due to server response time and many more thing.

Because you want to be on page “1” in Search Engines. So the fast and foremost things which you must input in your head is ,your site must be reliable secure & fast.But the bad news is free hosting doesn’t meet any of the above Listed criteria.

Limited Space

Nowadays many free hosting companies are saying that will provide free hosting with unlimited disc space and bandwidth. But if I take big paid hosting then also claim to give unlimited space but it’s not true They too have limitation but the plus point with paid hosting is they can manage huge traffic whereas may be free hosting company is providing unlimited features too but after getting more than 1 or 10 real traffic continuously for 1-2 mins it will suddenly goes down and takes more than 2 days (average) to get okay. But within these 1-2 days you starts losing your rank drastically.

And once your site goes down when good amount of visitors is coming , I know how much it hurts as I told earlier what all happened with me and I only know how much I suffered.

Poor customer support or say no customer support

When my site went down, it was in free hosting I tried to take there help but they were no where,I mean that when I send them email they replied me after more than 10-15hours and asked some bucks to get fast response.

Hope you guys understand my problem too and am repeating repeatedly that it takes months and years to make a successful websites and rank it but takes almost no time to get a hige set back.

No upgrading

As free web hosting typically don’t spend much money for the smooth functioning of the site so again its lacks branding look.

99.99% chances of unable to do branding.

When you want to make a brand make it in blogspot or paid WordPress but not free hosting. Because free hosting can not provide reliability, support, harminy and security which is one of my main point of your website.

Hard to Migrate

When you are getting lots of visitors you will surely try to migrate to better hosting company but it too hard. As they don’t have any customer support which sucks the most.

Hope after reading this you could now imagine what all bull shit trap you can tie yourself into if you ever choose free Web hosting the mistake which I did.

Normally most people when they step into blogging choose free blogging platforms which are easy to use and are nearly inexpensive which is perfect for hobbies, person just jumped into blogging or short term blogging or you can say event blogging.

When you are doing it from long term and your blog is getting popular and your traffic is too scaling up.Then? That time you feel the limitations of free blogging platform where you wish you could do a bit more with your website likes other self hosted website.

May be free blogging platform has hell lot of features but has its limitations which you can’t cross.That time you feel the need of self-host your blog or website.So our next article will further discuss on the right time to self-host your blog

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