AI Tool Can Predict Pancreatic Cancer -         3 Years In Advance

Artificial intelligence (AI) has made rapid progress in recent months

Pancreatic cancer is an aggressive disease and its diagnosis is difficult, leading to a low survival rate and need for better screening tools.

The latest research offers hope of early diagnosis and can increase chances of survival

Dr Team of scientists trained the AI algorithm on six million patients from Denmark and three million from the United States.

The model used disease codes and the timing of their occurrence to predict which patients were likely to develop pancreatic cancer in the future.

The researcher also said that an AI tool that can identify those at high risk of pancreatic cancer, "could improve clinical decision-making, leading to earlier diagnosis, treatment, and better outcomes"

study found the AI tool to be as accurate as current genetic sequencing tests.

This new AI tool, said Sanders, can help in better screening, more targeted testing and earlier diagnosis.