Cabin House

Taliesyn Design & Architecture


Nestled in the lush greenery of South Bangalore, resides the one-bedroom weekend home for a family of three

The architecture of The Cabin House draws inspiration from simple forms and native bearings

The interior of the rectangular volume is broken effortlessly into a double-height living, dining, and kitchen with a mezzanine floor on one end to accommodate the master bedroom.

Catapulted from an inclination to retreat from urban realities, The Cabin House swiftly transforms the pre-pandemic notion of our dwellings. Embracing a quiet reflection of modern lifestyle and vernacular nuances, the design for the 349 sqm (3800 sqft) plot has been developed from a simple brief of experiencing nature at close quarters.

Earthy tones throughout the dwelling evoke the setting sun, whilst the starkness of the cement and warm tones of the furniture offer the required depth.

Guided by a cabin house's compactness and verdant nature, varied design elements are interwoven with a contemporary approach.

Design elements that date back to vernacular homes are fused with the residence’s minimal design language