‘Toilet, No Toilet’

Compartment S4, ‘Toilet, No Toilet’ is a social infrastructure project that addresses public toilet maintenance in India while promoting environmentally sensitive architecture and fostering community development.

By embracing vernacular techniques and locally available and economical materials such as stone, wood, bamboo, and tin sheets.

Compartment S4 revives the region’s rich architectural heritage while supporting the local economy.

‘Toilet, No Toilet’ seamlessly blends into the hilly terrain, accessible from both the lower and upper roads.

The facility’s lower level is a solid stone construction that houses the public toilet while the upper level features a wooden structure encased with bamboo screens and stitched panels for a false ceiling, housing a café and local store.

This upper commercial space can be leased to a private entity, generating a regular monthly revenue for the government which in turn aids in the maintenance of the sanitation facility below, ensuring its sustainability and functionality.

Compartment S4’s approach not only promotes eco-friendly construction practices, but also preserves traditional craftsmanship and creates employment opportunities within the community.

The upper level features a wooden truss structure encased with bamboo screens

A wooden structure enclosed with bamboo screens is used in the upper floor.

The project sits amid a bustling market in Bhateliya which also serves as a gateway to Mukteshwar

A teak wooden door and signage showcasing local culture

The design practice’s private-public model also ensures the coexistence of essential public facilities and revenue-generated commercial spaces.

Project info: name: Toilet, No Toilet architecture: Compartment S4 location: Bhateliya, Uttarakhand, India built area: 59 square meters