Corner House

DADA Partners

Located on a pivotal corner within a prime suburban neighborhood, the design revolves around its multiple frontages making it experiential whilst engaging with the streetscape on three sides.

well-landscaped outdoors

Garden Style Home

The brief was to design a contemporary sustainable house that connected

What to look for:

well-landscaped outdoors with an exciting external countenance that was sensitive to its environment.

What to look for:

The projected wall turns into an inverted L to form a large, shaded portico. The canopy overhang is designed to have just enough morning sunlight penetrating the formal foyer.

What to look for:

reflective pool

Double Gallery

open plan kitchen, dining, and informal living space with direct access to private garden spaces at the rear of the property.

What to look for:

The west face of the ground level is all solid towards the street side providing enough privacy to the residents.

What to look for:

The house has also been designed to incorporate passive design principles. Key rooms and spaces are oriented to the north with effective solar shading, with minimization of windows facing east and west.

What to look for:

Windows have been strategically located to encourage cross-ventilation.

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