House in Shikenbaru

House in Shikenbaru  Studio Cochi Architects –

HOUSES • NANJO, JAPAN – Architects: Studio Cochi Architects

The house is a residence for a couple and their four children, built in a village near the sea in southern Okinawa. Outside the village are fields, and in Okinawa, where there is no snow or frost, vegetables that would be grown in spring or summer in Honshu can be harvested throughout the year.

The owner of the house runs a farm here, producing okra, green beans, papaya, and other vegetables. His work is done from before sunrise until around 10:00 a.m., harvesting and working outside

During the daytime when the sun is strong, he selects what he has harvested in the shaded work area

The layout and volume were decided based on the surrounding environment and the direction of the wind in the area, and since there was plenty of room on the site, it was decided to build a one-story house.

The building is simply constructed with a continuous vaulted ceiling of different heights over a continuous earthen floor inside and out.