AI-Generated Megaships Abandoned at sea

Kaveh Najafian takes on artificial intelligence to traverse the boundaries between the real and imagined.

From futuristic innovation hubs, to soil-less vertical farms, these wandering megaships symbolize the evolving epoch of our future.

The Megaship are imagined as ‘absurd and improbable’, beginning with ‘Bob’

An embodiment of vertical urbanism that creates a whimsical floating metropolis against the vast ocean backdrop.

Resembling an enormous game of Jenga, designer Kaveh Najafian imagines Bob as a vibrant patchwork of containers which house an array of micro-offices, trendy micro-apartments, and bohemian boutiques within.

‘Sue’, meanwhile, represents the futile future of technology, featuring spinning wind turbines that harness the power of ocean breezes to turn the ship into an undulating canvas of eco-art.

The entities of Portraits of the Wandering

images courtesy of Kaveh Najafian