Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven Concept Car

The Mercedes-Benz Vision One-Eleven concept gives new electric tech a sleek 1970s-inspired skin.

One-Eleven concept, a bold projection of a future super-sports car

The visual ‘sample’ for the One-Eleven comes from the brand’s long and large back catalogue.

2023 Vision One-Eleven shares the 1970 vehicle’s aerodynamic emphasis and low-slung, gull-winged charm, its modern-day engineers have swapped out the former’s record-breaking Wankel engine for a full-electric powertrain using axial-flux motor technology developed by British company Yasa.

The pixelated front grille technology – which can act as a pair of headlights one moment and a digital safety message board to pedestrians.

Appear to be opaque due to tiny paint dots printed directly onto the glass, but which have enough space between them to allow occupants to see out clearly while retaining exterior privacy.

Video game pixel-style theme in its dashboard display.

Orange and copper paint effect also blurs the conventional (belt) line between bodywork and window glass to cool aesthetic effect.

Image credit: Mercedes-Benz