Outpost Offices


Location COSTA RICA – Architects: LOOP Design Studio – Area: 10646 ft² – Year: 2021

Outpost is a new take on offices with private areas and community workspaces immersed in Nosara’s local flora with high standards for well-being and conservation of natural resources.

The architecture and design play with the environment, through a natural coastal feeling embracing imperfections and earthy tones.

This ocean office concept is dedicated to Nosara´s sustainable growth and it's located steps away from Guiones beach, the community's predilect beach for surfing, lounging, and watching spectacular sunsets.

Outpost explored some of the best passive strategies by applying design techniques of local-traditional architecture, transforming an antique composition language into a contemporary form.

Outpost’s concept emerges from the configuration of vertical layers of the building’s possible composition, related to activity or program, functionality, and separating spaces based on public, semi-private, and private designations.

Outpost is an ideal tropical & sophisticated workplace environment that blends leisure with productive time. It means having extra commodities always bound with a natural ambiance.