Stone House

Sun roofing house

Architects: Architectare

Designed for an elderly couple as a new vacation home, this construction has a very unique program, formed through experiences in their old home that they had sold.

One of the main demands was that the house function as an apartment, where one can simply close the door and everything remains safe inside.

adult children already married and with their own vacation homes serving as the base for family gatherings, it was requested that this house have a very streamlined program, focused on practicality of use and maintenance.

Clean Kitchen design Ideas

Inspired by Provence architecture, the rigid stone volume is internally subverted by the misaligned form of the mezzanine, which balances the height of the ceiling and allows access to a glass balcony designed to guarantee the entry of natural light that gives a sense of movement to the space during the day.

leaving the front of the house hanging on the slope of the terrain.

large deck with a pool was placed on the front part so that, despite being contained, the construction would not lose its aura of a home.