Volkswagen ID.Buzz Generic Appearance of Modern EVs

It was clear that VW had spent plenty of time finessing the details. While the brand’s other ID models have been criticized for wayward software and less than inspiring styling, the ID.

An EV platform to provide this potential flexibility at consumer level, rather than simply being a simple way for auto giants to spread the cost by sharing components across fleets and brands.

Both of these models share platforms with ICE equivalents, albeit a purely commercial one in the Vivaro’s case.

VW’s advantage is a clean-sheet design, as well as a fertile tranche of good feelings left over from the collective cultural memory of VW’s Type 2 bus and its descendants.

The Buzz rekindle this passion?

There’s already an ID.Buzz Cargo for those who want to forgo seats for goods, as well as two basic trim levels for the passenger model, the Life and the Style

Not that the ID.Buzz is a slouch. With an official range of 258 miles (so just over 200 in real world use), it’s not quite as long-legged as more conventionally shaped rivals, but it easily sees off the other EV vans.

What the ID.Buzz gets right is the blend of form and function. It’s that rarest of cars that attracts attention for its looks yet is also 100 per cent, undeniably practical.

Image credit: Volkswagen