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Airbnb portland office interior design give space of freedom to employees

Do you work in any office or study in any educational institute? Ever take a seat where you want or with you desire and do you work? Just Visualize a place where you seat besides a beautiful girl or a friend of your best circle with a coffee in your hands and spread your legs in your office. What do you think, is it possible ? or i just give you a chocolate of feeling good – you think right!!! But my fellow Designers and Architects, if you think this kind of office working space environment is just a day dreams then i just say to you that you are wrong my dear,….;)

Because today, After this absolutely out of box airbnb office interior design execution and their employees working style, You defiantly say me that – Hey i also want to work in this office,….. Believe me.

Airbnb Portland Office Interior Design

When Boora Architects together with Myriad Harbor have designed the offices of Airbnb in Portland, Oregon. This miraculous office came to exist between us today.

The Designer’s Description

Airbnb ’s Portland office revolutionizes work by creating a space that invites employees to Belong Anywhere. The design dissolves the idea of a desk as an individual’s address at work. This is replaced with the spatially efficient “landing spot”, a veritable Swiss army knife of storage/workspace/team identity. From here the office is a landscape of shared amenities; comfy lounges, communal tables, standing monitor stations, even a tree house.

Seventy percent of the furniture is locally fabricated, custom built for the CX workflow. The office could traditionally be considered a call center but there isn’t a phone or cubicle in sight. This is the sharing economy fully expressed in a work environment for the first time. It took an unorthodox project team to bring this to life in under 8 months; both in the architect-designer relationship and with the local Airbnb employees.

The Airbnb internal Environments team came to Boora, the architect of record, with an ambitious conceptual design and the ‘simple goal’ of revolutionizing work. Boora’s expertise in workplace design and local knowledge made them a great partner to execute this innovative project in a compressed timeline without sacrificing quality or detail. Boora generously invited us to work side by side with them at their office as we co-developed the design. We see this as a unique relationship and a great model of how an internal project design team and architect of record can work together.

Rather than hiring an interior design firm to build out the traditional Airbnb listing based conference rooms we led the local Airbnb employees in a two month design workshop. Thirteen teams of five conceptualized, shopped and installed each of the conference room interiors. The resulting spaces are transportive worlds within the office and earned a deep level of employee engagement with the new space.

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So, fellas,…… See how designer came with extraordinary and really trilling concept of airbnb office interior design with totally contemporary designing touch. I hope you people really enjoy this entire collection on extremely exiting airbnb office interior and working environment with employees involvements for the betterment of productivity and ultimately company’s own profits with open working environments.

I here like to ask you that If you get the chance to working in this kind of working environments, Did you prefer is it positive or negative for you? Let me know ,…. 🙂

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