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Modern Office Interior Design Ideas with Activity Based Style Workspace

Modern Office Interior Design Ideas for Small Spaces: Activity Base Style Workspace by Swiss architecture studio evolution design. Evolution design revitalizes the traditional workspace with team bank’s new German HQ. Modern Office Interior Design Ideas create for accommodating over 700 employees. The structure itself was originally by Austrian firm baumschlager eberle. And nuremberg-based architects GP wirth architeckten. The vast three leveled office interior design and furniture blends a diverse range of open plan; meeting, office, recreational and communal work spaces.

Modern Office Interior Design Ideas

What designers says about Modern Office Interior Design Ideas:

  • A main staff restaurant and a barista bar with a vibrant‚
  • Marketplace feeling,
  • The ‘homezone’,
  • Consisting of  several‚
  • ‘Home bases’ creating individual  local  neighborhoods for the employees to work in,
  • The inner ring of the building as the ‘meet & create zone’,
  • All these public areas are part of the city concept with parks’
  • Street scenes to encourage a higher frequency of informal and accidental meetings.

Central atrium with ceiling design of team bank’s new German HQ

By translating the easyCredit’s values, the office interior design ideas has transformed a traditional desk. Booth workspace into a new activity-based style of working.

Office interior design case study based on a strong identity with graphic branding. The spaces were creat to highlight the company’s culture and vision.

Office interior design ideas pictures:

With all three floors demonstrating an array of hubs for solo, partner, group and team environments. Programmatically, the building has been divide into different areas. Which include home zones and meet and greet zones.

This has influenced the mixture of typologies which cater to the different activities of the employees.

Office interior design and furniture:

Workspace design in such a way that you feel, you are seating in garden area. Feel relaxed and away from the tedious working environment.

You think about your surroundings give you a pleasurable feeling. Concentration on work much better.

Office interior design elements:

Green lawns flooring detail of the public area. This is a something new concept of modern office interior design ideas. For garden in side your office space.

image © thomas beyerlein / teambank ag / easycredit / christian beutler

Office interior design gallery.

Green office interior design ideas.

Office interior design inspiration:

Interior design ideas for office reception.

Office interior design leeds:

This is all about Contemporary treads and modern office interior design ideas, which is evolved in today’s workspace culture around the world. Because now a days technology and working style changes our working styles. With that work treads; design of workspace also affect. Have a thoughts on it, share with us,….!!!

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