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Public space urban design with sexy simplicity in functionality by 3XA

Public Space Urban Design With Sexy Simplicity in Functionality is a questions of all the common man. But here what we are looking forward is really interesting public space urban design with sexy lines with latest materials. This contemporary urban design exclusion of public space urban design with their lovely and seductive features which all time attract all of us. Generally we are discussing and review a building kinds of design but today this is not a building architecture but Public Space Urban Design, So, Let’s change the subject and see how this public space urban design.

Public Space Urban Design

Local authorities decided to transform an undeveloped piece of land in the center of Gora Pulawska into recreational space and meeting point for the village residents. The designers’ intention was to create a new square, which would be unique to its users. It should serve them well and meet their needs in every possible way.

Therefore, several different zones have been designed, each intended for either leisure or recreational purposes. There is an open area with numerous benches, meant for small gatherings or outdoor events. There are also covered arbours with tables and seats intended for the residents to integrate, and finally there are large platform benches, where one can sit back and spend time in larger groups. Lighting was designed in the form of tall, slender lanterns and lamps located in the floor.

Fact File of Public Space Urban Design

Architects: 3XA

Location: Góra Puławska, Poland

Design Team: Ewa Czerny, Maciej Kowaluk, Łukasz Reszka, Patrycja Żuczek

Area: 1325.0 sqm

Year: 2014

Photographs: s.zajaczk’owski

The whole space has been equipped with bike racks and information boards. Landscaping elements such as pergolas, benches, lanterns and bins are made of corten steel. Benches are covered with light colored oak wood.

And the entire project is complemented with the greenery. Numerous birches and colorful bushes have been planted on both sides of the central axis. The embankment above the square has also been covered with decorative vegetation, formed in colorful stripes.

The space is located below Radomska Street, which will ensure isolation from the busy arterial route. Functional differentiation of space, the use of sustainable and upstanding materials and the interesting greenery arrangement, all add up to a newly completed center of Gora Pulawska.

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So, Friends this is all about of public space urban design and concept of new innovative architecture for public.If you have any ideas to share on public space urban design and public architecture which is actually for public.

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