Fabulous Football World Cup Stadiums in Brazil for world football matches

Fabulous Football World Cup Stadiums in Brazil. for 2014 is a highlight of the architectural exploration in arena of the world football matches. As the World Cup takes center stage this summer in Brazil. we looks at the 12 Football World Cup Stadiums. Hosting all the action and drama of the world’s most popular sport.

The late writer David Foster Wallace once declared, “Beauty is not the goal of competitive sports, but high-level sports are a prime venue for the expression of human beauty.” For the 2014 Football World Cup Stadiums. That presentation takes the form of magnificent stadiums across Brazil. In anticipation of the month long, global tournament. we come in touch with these dazzling, innovative spaces-some recently renovated, others completely new.

Fabulous Football World Cup Stadiums in Brazil for 2014

so, friends let’s have a see some interesting and exploration sides of Fabulous Football World Cup Stadiums in Brazil for 2014.

 1. Arena Fonte Nova (2014)

football world cup stadiums,

Incredible-football-soccer-Stadiums-of-2014-WorldCup-brazil-01-arena-fonte-nova, football world cup stadiums,

  • Architects: Marc Duwe and Claas Schulitz.
  • City: Salvador.
  • Photo courtesy of Marcus Bredt.

2. Arena das Dunas (2014)



  • Architect: Christopher Lee.
  • City: Natal.
  • Photo: Sergio Moraes/Reuters/Corbis.

3. Arena Pernambuco (2013)



  • Architect: Fernandes Arquitetos Associados.
  • City: Recife.
  • Photo courtesy of Lanik do Brasil.

4. Arena Pantanal (2014)



  • Architect: GCP Arquitetos.
  • City: Cuiabá.
  • Photo: Edson Rodrigues/Secopa-MT.

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5. Estádio do Maracanã (1950, redesigned in 2013)

Football World Cup Stadiums,


  • Original Architects: Waldir Ramos, Raphael Galvão, Miguel Feldman, Oscar Valdetaro, Pedro Paulo B. Bastos, Orlando Azevedo, and Antônio Dias Carneiro
    Renovation by Knut Göppert with Knut Stockhusen and Thomas Moschner and Miriam Sayeg (Roof). Daniel Fernandes Arquitectos (Interior) Paulo B. Bastos, Orlando Azevedo, and Antônio Dias Carneiro.
  • City: Rio de Janeiro.
  • Photo: Peter M. Wilson/Alamy.

6. Arena de São Paulo (2014)



  • Architect: Coutinho, Diegues, Lamb Architects.
  • City: São Paulo.
  • Photo: Alexandre Schneider/Getty Images.

7. Estádio Beira-Rio (1969, redesigned in 2014)

Incredible-football-soccer-Stadiums-of-2014-WorldCup-brazil-02-estadio-beira-rio Incredible-football-soccer-Stadiums-of-2014-WorldCup-brazil-01-estadio-beira-rio-interior

  • Original Engineer: José Pinheiro Borda.
  • Renovation by Hype Studio.
  • City: Porto Alegre.
  • Photo: Flickr, courtesy of Giuliano Ribeiro.

 8. Arena da Baixada (1914, redesigned in 2012)

Incredible-football-soccer-Stadiums-of-2014-WorldCup-brazil-02-arena-da-baixada Incredible-football-soccer-Stadiums-of-2014-WorldCup-brazil-01-arena-da-baixada

  • Original Architect: Joaquim Américo Guimarães.
  • Renovation by Carlos Arcos.
  • City: Curitiba.
  • Photo courtesy of Mauricio Mano.

 9. Novo Mineirão (1965, redesigned in 2012)



  • Original Architects: Eduardo Mendes Guimarães Júnior and Gaspar Garreto.
  • Renovation by Bruno Campos, Marcelo Fontes, and Silvio Todeschi.
  • City: Belo Horizonte.
  • Photo courtesy of Leonardo Finotti.

 10. Arena Castelão (1973, redesigned in 2012)



  • Original Architects: José Liberal de Castro, Gehard Ernst Borman, Reginaldo Mendes Rangel, Marcílio Dias de Luna, Ivan da Silva Britto.
  • Renovation by Vigliecca & Associates.
  • City: Fortaleza.
  • Photo: Robert Ghement/epa/Corbis.

 11. Estádio Nacional de Brasília Mané Garrincha (2014)



  • Architect: Eduardo Castro Mello.
  • City: Brasília.
  • Photo courtesy of Marcus Bredt.

 12. Arena Amazônia (2014)



  • Architect: gmp Architekten.
  • City: Manaus.
  • Photo courtesy of Marcus Bredt.

Ref : architecturaldigest, Photo: Chico Batata/Agecom and Alex Pazuello/Agecom.

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