What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Architectural Styles

Hello Folks,…. Architectural styles and their derivation – is always important in the history of architecture. Architectural styles are the most shouted and influential things, by their region, political condition, era, technology, education, backgrounds, etc.

Architectural styles are a way of classifying architecture, by the features of design, leading to a terminology such as “Gothic” style. Earlier we see some lessons and learning methods of  Doing Design. You must visit those collective thoughts about how to derivative designs and learn the theory of Design.

I just put those collective reference for theory of design here, for you knowledge because if we go to get a education on the architectural styles and its history. I personally feel that at this point you also must know the knowledge of Design.

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What Wikipedia Can’t Tell You About Architectural Styles

Here we are get some basic but important definition on the different kind of architectural styles in the world of architecture.

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