Why furniture is the key to play important roll in interior design

“Furniture” a very generally term for the persons of all kind of fields and this furniture we are use to in day to day life from the Centuries. But today I would not discussed about what is furniture but we see some hidden factors that really impact in the designing of interior of your home with respect to furniture. Actually Furniture and it’s evolution is connected from the starting point of human living evolution. And now a days, with latest technology and tons of material and finishes are available in you home furniture.

But, Why Furniture is the Key to Play Important Roll in Interior Design? whether you’re a seasoned pro or just discovering a budding love for all things interior design, odds are good that you’ve noticed that furniture is important when it comes to designing a room. Today I am arguing that, not only is it important, but furniture matters most be the most when it comes time to redesign your interiors. In fact, it should be the first component for your consideration.

Furniture and Interior Design

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Don’t agree with me? Give the article a quick read and you may find yourself experiencing an unprecedented change of heart. You may even catch yourself looking at your furniture in a new light, which is always a very exciting possibility.

Furniture Shows Personal Style

Furniture you choose to allow to fill your rooms is undoubtedly an expression of your unique sense of style. After all, some of us may flip over the simplicity of Scandinavian interiors, while others may prefer the collectivist comfort of a more eclectic design. Either way, the pieces that we allow into our homes speak volumes about our personalities.

You may recall reading about the psychological effects of interior design and how the choices that we make effect others perception of us. Factors like the how much seating you provide for your guests, whether or not you prioritize comfort over style, and the brands that you buy all play a role, so weigh the decision of what furniture to buy with the utmost care.

How do you go about finding a style that works for you? That’s easy. All you have to do is find pieces that you love and emulate their look. The best designs embrace individuality. Always remember to trust your instincts.

Furniture Dictates Flow of Movement

Speaking of arranging furniture, in addition to helping define function, these groupings also dictate how your friends and family will move through the space. Anyone who has tried to shimmy their way out of a too-tight seating area can tell you the importance of leaving the proper amount of – physical and visual – breathing room.

When it comes to making sure you leave enough space, these are a few ground rules to keep in mind:

  1. Keep the number of pathways in a room to a minimum – two is fine.
  2. Send movement around seating groups, not through them.
  3. Leave enough room to stand between seating and tables.
  4. Push furniture away from the walls. Stick to a 3 in. rule
  5. Arrange seating in clustered groupings to facilitate conversation.
  6. Break large rooms into multiple groups.
  7. When in doubt, take a test run through the space.

Those who are visual learners may enjoy having the ability to test out multiple arrangements without having to push furniture around all day. Floor Planner is a free service that lets you see how your furniture will look without lifting a finger. They also have an IOS phone and tablet app so you can take your 3D plans on the go.

Furniture, creative furniture, Furniture design, home furniture,

Furniture Balances Visual Weight

When you first hear it, the term “visual weight” seems like a complex concept. However, in reality, you intellectually know what it is. We’ll show you: Think about how you would feel if all of your furniture was suddenly pushed to the same side of the room. It feels like you’re on the Titanic and one side is sinking, right?

Visual weight is all about helping balance a room. If you’re dealing with multiple, big, heavy components make sure to stagger them throughout the space so that one side does not feel more weighted down than another. Do your best to group larger items together with smaller ones to help vary your points of visual interest.

The best tool that we can give you for this job is totally free. Just use your eyes. When you think you’ve found an arrangement that works, take a moment to step back and look at the room as a whole.

That small shift in perspective should be enough to clue you in on whether one side feels more weighted than the other and allow you to make adjustments accordingly.

Furniture, creative furniture, Furniture design, home furniture,

Furniture Defines Function

Pop quiz: What are the essential furnishings needed to design a bedroom? What about a dining space? We’re willing to bet that you didn’t need to think very hard to answer either of those questions. That’s because we use the furniture in a room as context clues. They provide us with essential information about the space’s purpose.

As you pick out the pieces that will go into your next design project, ask yourself how you intend to use the space before anything else. The answer to this question will help you dictate which furnishings are most necessary.

For example, if you are working on a room where you want to entertain lots of guests, you’ll need plenty of seating. However, if you want to create a more reflective space, give that square footage to work desks that will help you complete important tasks.

Remember, furniture makes a great focal point, so don’t hesitate to put it to good use. Pick the one element that, in your mind, clearly defines the room’s intended function and center your design around it. Arrange your other furnishings and decor items in such a way that the eye is always drawn to that same spot.

Most of us would agree that furniture plays a key roll in interior design. However, would you argue that furniture matters most, enough to make or break a design? We certainly believe so.

Take a look at the post above and see if you agree. Who knows? You may just be inspired to give your couches and coffee tables a fresh, more prominent role in your home. Let us show you how.

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