MEP services: Architect must know about public health engineering

MEP Services: Architect Must Knowledgeable About Public Health Engineering, When you look at this title and assume that this is a piece of collective thoughts on mep services right? First of all we just crack this MEP taboo in simple world like Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Services. See, this three very basic but essential building services.

For just a second i have also question arise in my mind that- hey buddy I am an architect and why am i west my precious moments of designing and imagination on just a like this kind of silly MEP Services like things. But here I just tell all those Fellow architects and Day dreamers that, those only think that only design is an architecture is not a perfect Habitable Space without basic and essential public health engineering and mep services.

MEP Services & Public Health Engineering

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Here, we are not going in depth knowledge of this mep services, but take a look at what kind of services which covered under the scope of mep consultant, and most important architect have a basic ideas about what kind of services, mep services incorporating in their design for making space habitable and well functional.


  •   Water Supply, Pumping, Piping and Distribution
  •   Soil, Waste and Vent Piping
  •   Disposal of Sewage and Storm Water
  •   Central Hot Water Generation and Supply
  •   Solar hot water system
  •   Water Softening and Treatment
  •   Sewage & Effluent Treatment Plant
  •   Rain Water Disposal Recharge & Harvesting
  •   Swimming pool filtration plant


  •   External Electrical Installation including Sub-Station
  •   Internal Electrical
  •   Emergency Power Generation
  •   Vertical Transportation – Elevators & Escalators
  •   Telephone


  •   Perimeter Protection and Intruder Detection
  •   Access Control
  •   Electronic Surveillance
  •   Building Automation System Integrated Building Management System


  • Air Conditioning
  • Heating
  • Mechanical Ventilation
  • Refrigeration System for Cold Storage/Deep Freezer
  • Clean Room Applications like Computer Rooms
  • Process Applications and Operation Theaters
  •  Industrial Ventilation
  • Central Evaporation Cooling

So, Friends now a days not only mobile phone became a smart or vehicles became a auto smart, Architecture and Building with their construction Science also became a Very smart. If we not aware in term of all kind of architectural and building services, How we give 100% to our creation.

If i missed out any specific mep cervices in above list? put bellow in comment,…. 😉

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