Office Interior Design Ideas with Lay Back Working Theme

Modern Office Interior Design Ideas are for those who need creative office space. Best Example by Studio D/Dock.  It was challenge by OVG Real Estate. To design their new office space on the top floor of the famous green Edge Building in Amsterdam. In the Netherlands. The office interior design result is a creative working venue. Where traditional desks are replace by activity. Related areas and relaxation corners. An impressive array of finishes and textures. That is highlight in the office interior design. For a relaxing and lay back workspace.

Example of Flexible Office Interior Design Trend

Designer is select concept for every space in office design. Like a living room setup complete with a fireplace.

Innovative Office Interior Design Ideas.

And coupled with an informal kitchen island. A smiling hostess provides a different take. On the traditional waiting room found in most offices.

Know more about Innovative Office Interior Design.

A completely innovative office space concept has successful been create. In our new office in Amsterdam. Health, exercise and a balance between exertion. And relaxation are central in this. says Jan Hein Tiedema, General Director at OVG Nederlands.

Employees can either use the secluded workstations. Work without any noise or interruption. Or hold workshops and presentations in the public areas.

“By applying various workplace typologies. we have created an adaptive office interior design. Suitable for all possible work methods. added Jan Hein Tiedema.

The Energy Station.

  • — A refrigerated trolley containing a variety of healthy snacks (or, “brain fuel”).
  • — Provides refreshments for the employees and promotes healthy living at the same time.

Ref : Photos and information provided by Studio D/Dock

Work Space Ideas for you.

So, Wingers – This is one fine example of latest trend in office interior design. With some lay back theme concept and design elements. Have you like it or not?. Have a threads on it, share with us.

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