Tangible Design Meaning and Architectural Concept Derivation

Tangible Design Meaning and Architectural Concept Derivation is a today’s discussion for learn the design and how to take your exploration and creativity to it’s highest point of innovation in the field of creativity and design. As we know all and already discuss earlier at Theory of Design in Architecture for Create Design Concept, that what is importance of concept design and its elements in final out put of your design exploration.

We also discuss Design Concept – Element of concept (Architecture) with some appropriate examples. With their involvement in your journey of derivation of Design Concept and Philosophy. May in Future we also, study about some more examples and detail about same in depth.

Tangible Design Meaning and Architectural Concept Derivation

But here I would like to discuss today is design concept element selection method. Most famous and very versatile method is “Tangible Design Meaning & concept”.

In this “Tangible Design Meaning Concept”, If I defined in simple way then that is like this:

In Tangible design Architect or Designer take a inspiration for derivation of their building, graphic, planning,etc,. and explore that in such way that normal people ( those who do not know architecture or not related to field of design ) also, identify those inspirational object or subject.

On that basis, we need to see some already exploration done by many architects in past, and in this field visuals is the best way of teaching not worlds. so, let’s study and try to understand how it works in reality.


Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-01

This is one of the very famous ” lotus Temple” in India. Architect is inspired by lotus flower and its elements like shape,petals,organic foam,etc. and finally come up with fabulous structure.

Johnson-wax – FLW:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-02

This is also one of the 20th. century’s very exploitative design solution. design by FLW. Inspired by mushroom which is one of the organic food element. but architect use it in their design to create less column and vista of openness in working environment.

Nation Library:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-03

This is A one library building in US. Architect literally inspired by stack of book and involved in their futuristic design solution.


Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-04

Chinese imperial style. and which is come originally from King’s Traditional Crown.

Cell House:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-05

Beauty of nature blend with modern and contemporary elements. Designer is totally fascinated by sea creature(cell) and create one of the master piece on earth.

Chandigarh, India:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-06

Very famous symbolic sculpture design by Le Corbusier at Chandigarh, India. He take base of open hand and flying bird and blend with their design.

Guitar house:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-07

Piano and Guitar house.

Grattacieli, telegra:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-14

Robotic Building:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-08

Kasai Airport cross section, Japan:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-09

Sail Fish as a inspiration in cross section of structure.


Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-10

Tradition of Asia, Very famous gesture ” Namaste ”

Stone house:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-11

Stone House, with effect of random stone in between open green field.

Swastika, Hindu Symbol:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-12

Very Ancient and quite popular symbol of ” Swastika”

UFO house:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-13

UFO House.


Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-14

Organic Creature with edge less is inspired for some fabulous solution in contemporary architecture tangible design meaning.

National stadium, The Nest, China:

Design Concept – Tangible design concept(Architecture)-15

And very popular in now a days. The Nest, very simple and elegant tangible design meaning. Stadium structure in china.

This is the ” Tangible Design Meaning Concept ” very effective to understand examples for under developed architect and designers. we will see some more example in future with a second and non familiar but in practice method “Tangible Design Meaning Concept “.

I hope, Tangible Design Meaning and Architectural Concept Derivation is you people enjoyed and have a some suggestion. Kindly write us.

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