A Guide to HiPP Combiotic Milk Formula and Its Benefits

Today’s market of baby formulas is full of all kinds of brands from various parts of the world. We guess the most popular brands in this industry are the ones made in the European Union. It’s known for being very scrupulous when it comes to manufacturing, growing, labeling, packing, and other processes. Thus, customers receive top-notch formulas that sustain their babies and help grow properly and healthily.

As there is a rich choice of baby formulas, an inexperienced customer may get lost among them. Therefore, we have decided to review the best brands at the moment. This time, our quality experts have checked HiPP Dutch Combiotic, and the results of their investigation are provided below.

100% Organic Product

First of all, the HiPP Dutch Combiotic is a nutrition baby product that consists of only organic nutrients. This formula contains really superior ingredients that are safe, effective, and nourishing. They are eco-friendly, and the formula is aimed at renewable resources. The brand uses the minimum of resources to make this and other formulas, ensuring that all their products are totally safe and sustainable.

These features make this product so attractive for parents from various parts of the globe. Even US parents, where the baby formula industry is developed, frequently buy baby formulas from the EU.

The Main Ingredients and Their Properties

It is necessary to check the main ingredients of HiPP Dutch Combiotic. Thus, all parents will understand what exactly each of them provides and if the formula can satisfy the needs of their babies. Here are the main nutrients of this famous formula:

  • Proteins. This mineral is known for helping grow the brain, muscles, and many other vital tissues. HiPP implements a source that perfectly mimics the best properties of breastmilk. The brand uses cow milk, which is very close to the milk of a mother. It means it provides the baby with the necessary nutrients for appropriate development and does not harm the stomach.
  • Carbohydrates. These are required to absorb the required nutrients smoothly and increase the levels of healthy gut bacteria. The brand adds lactose, which is natural for breastmilk to get the required nutrients and healthy gut bacteria in the right amounts. A baby will be full of energy and strength with carbohydrates.
  • Fats. As a baby grows, they definitely require tons of energy to move, develop, and remain healthy. Thus, fatty acids or fats help to close the gap for energy. They are also known as Omega-3 and Omega-6. They sustain the entire body and all its systems with the required amounts of energy. Many studies proved that fats help to develop the brain, maintaining all its cognitive functions – thinking, focusing, moving, memorizing, speaking, etc. Another research showed that fatty acids improve the immune system and thus help it resist various infections, inflammatory processes, and allergies. They can help avoid such severe ailments as diabetes or heart disease. As babies do not always consume products that are rich in fats, the use of this formula is a clever solution.
  • Prebiotics and Probiotics. These nutrients are important for the digestion of little babies. While they still need definite amounts of healthy gut bacteria, prebiotics, and probiotics help to “plant” and grow them in the stomach. Thus, babies avoid stomach cramps, infections, and other health issues. In case a baby already suffers from digestive orders, these two vital ingredients can help to overcome them and strengthen the sensitive tummy.
  • Vitamins and Minerals. Of course, HiPP adds all the necessary vitamins and minerals to its composition. These are vitamin A, vitamin D, vitamin E, vitamin K, and B vitamins. When talking about minerals, you will find calcium, iron, folic acid, and zinc in this very formula, as well as in many other types. They sustain the correct and healthy development of a baby at all stages of growth and reinforce immunity and other body systems.

What You Will Never Find in This Formula

We should also mention the nutrients you will not find in this unique formula. Even though you may find some of these elements in common products for adults and even for babies, this formula always excludes them from its composition. What is the reason? The manufacturer carefully studies all the odds about various nutrients that may be given to the infants. Some of them are rather suspicious because they can induce various health ailments and lead to deviations. That is why the brand never risks and never adds them. So, HiPP Dutch Combiotic does not contain:

  • GMOs
  • Any synthetic ingredients
  • Added sugars
  • Soy
  • Artificial colors and flavors
  • Chemicals
  • Herbicides
  • Pesticides
  • Gluten, etc.

As you can see, all these elements are questionable and leave a serious doubt. That is why HiPP does not add them to any of its products.

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