Best of Hindi Ke Muhavare With Meanings in English

Hindi Ke Muhavare & Kahawat with Meanings in English.

Famous Hindi Muhavare with sentences for us. Here are the best muhavare in Hindi with meanings and sentences. Hindi Kahawat give us best elm of life experience from the years. Hindi Proverbs Sayings Idioms Phrases.

These Muhavare in Hindi with sentences Meanings. Are not directly express the meaning of words, but have deep message of experience.

Know more about Life Quotes in Hindi.

Hindi Muhavare Dictionary

There are many types of Muhavare in Hindi. Like, Hindi muhavare on eyes, hindi muhavare on nose. We see here different types of muhavare in Hindi.

hindi muhavare,

Muhavare in Hindi with meaning.

Best #हिंदी_मुहावरे for you are here.

  • Thota Chana, Baje Ghana.
  • Ladki beautiful kar gai chull.
  • दुधारू गाय की लात भी सहनी पड़ती है
  • “naach na jaaney aangan tedha”. A CM of half state blaming country’s PM for all his failures.
  • Khisiyai billi khamba noche.
  • Langur k haath mein Angoor.
  • आम के आम गुठलियों के दाम. #हिंदी_मुहावरे

hindi muhavare with pictures

Hindi Muhavare with Meaning.

  • If life gives lemon learn to make ‘Nimbu ka Achaar.
  • “मुल्ला की दौड़ मस्जिद तक”.
  • Brilliant way of highlighting narrow mindedness, limited thought process & obviousness ;).
  • सौ चूहे खाके बिल्ली हज को चली. The most subtle way of highlighting hypocrisy, especially for the U Turns.
  • जो बूँद से जाती,
    वो हौज़ से नहीं आती 🙂 #हिंदी_मुहावरे.
  • बन्दर के हाथ उस्तरा देना.
  • बली का बकरा बनाना.
  • चन्दन विष व्याप्त नहीं लिपटे रहत भुजंग.
  • गधे के सिर से सींग गायब होना!.
  • नौ दो ग्यारह हो जाना – माल्या हो जाना.
  • काठ की हांडी एक बार ही चढ़ती है.
  • छाती पर मूंग दलना.
  • बाप न मारे मेंढकी, बेटा तीरंदाज़.


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Hindi Muhavare is a good example. To show the extent of Persian borrowing into Hindi-Urdu. Even Shuddh Hindi does not use a Skt word. Very rare for registers to use non-native/non-High language word. To define grammatical terms. Almost all other gramm. terms in Hindi, Skt.

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