How To Recover Expired YouTube Offline Video

Hello Folks,… How To Recover Expired YouTube Offline Video, Strange behavior of offline video. I work a lot from home video to watch offline downloaded.

But when I went home, they were showing the expired and when I clicked on them shows that it is connected to the internet for updates.

Also YouTube Post,…

How To Recover Expired YouTube Offline Video

So I went online, but still could not find any solution on the internet I discovered the show was longer connect to the update, but later. When I first downloaded them offline and removed from them again.

That was okay, but the same thing happened today hence i am frustrated.

My Questions are like this: 1)Why are they getting YouTube Offline Video expired

How To Recover Expired YouTube Offline Video

2)Solution for the above question.

It seems that YouTube Offline feature is expected to work that way, in specific regions/countries.

In India, those offline videos are not removed at all(unless YOU remove them or uninstall updates of YouTube app or if you connect the device to internet even once during the 48-hour window, the YouTube app will be able to verify the status and will refresh the 48-hour deadline.)

But in some specific regions/countries videos are removed after 48-hr expiry time.

How To Recover Expired YouTube Offline Video that get deactivated after some time?

The videos do not get restored even after clicking on OK to restore..


One rule about YouTube offline videos: Anything you save will be accessible for 48 hours in the offline section on the left-hand sliding menu.

Here are some suggestions from other users who came cross the same problem as you

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