5G Technology Network Launch, Speed, Mobile Phones in Future of India.

5G Technology come into news before few days? There are a few reasons behind this 5G technology future in India. Let’s get some interesting facts about Fifth Generation – 5G Technology. As we know that India is one of the biggest consumers of electronics and gadgets. India has a biggest electronics consumer market in future also. And Digital India needs more speed of the network, to function lightening fast.

5G Technology Future in Digital India.

5g technology in india

So, before going over the technical details of 5G. We are seeing some recent events that really start an initiative for 5G technology in Digital India.

As stated times: Ericsson and Nokia have begun a conversation with the Indian government officials and policy makers to push for regulatory framework around the 5G technology, including identification of relevant spectrum band.

How 5G Technology Works?

At present spectrum band between 700Mhz and 2.6, GHz is available for mobile services in India. Wi-Fi services are generally used between 2.4Ghz to 5.9Ghz.

5G Network requires very high bands, and every telephone companies should have at least 100 Mhz each for 5G. considering what they have in India today. A number of Telephone Companies in matured telecom markets are looking at bands around 3.5Ghz and 4.8GHz.

Note : South Korea’s Samsung is working with Telephone Companies such as SK Telecom and US’ Verizon for 5G tests in the 28 GHz for 5G services.

So, friends for the feasibility of 5G Technology, “Spectrum is the important element for 5G. India has to come up with those rules and terms. They [policymakers] can look around the world and see examples on allocations. It’s important that India gets good allocation of spectrum,”

When 5G Technology Start in India?

In India, many Telephone Companies operators are trying to achieve full-scale 4g networks, and still in process of deploying networks.

They are a focus on urban and semi-urban areas, with expanding their 3G footprints in the Digital India. But, 5G Technology is planning to be completed for first 5g commercial deployment in 2020. Many operators in the US, Korea and Japan are preparing to pilot or trial 5g in 2016 and commercially launch the first 5G technology solution from 2017.

So, we are in hope to start our 5G Network in Digital India in 2020. Hope this will become a landmark year in Digital revolution in India.

5g technology,

Why 5G Technology Needed?

  • 5G Mobile network became a world’s fastest network.
  • The wearable electrical circuit has to work 5G Speed.
  • 5G Will Enable Mobile AR/VR.
  • 5G Technologies Might Be For Future Cities.

How fast is 5G? Low latency, high Capacity.

Compare that to the 300Mbit/s currently offered by EE’s LTE-A network, and you’ll see that we’re talking about a 12-fold speed increase over 4G here.

A realistic, nicely rounded final figure for 5G speeds, then, could be in the region of 10Gbps.

When will we see 5G?

Most estimates point to a 2020 initial roll-out for 5G network technology.

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So, Wingers what do you think about 5G Technology or 5G network future in Digital India?. 5G Mobile Phones, 5G Wi-Fi and 5G smartphone are going to become our future trends. Technology is need to update every moment and 5G is next step in Spectrum. Have a thought on this, share with us.

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