Blix :A Simple Way to Discover What Special Events are Going on Nearby

A Simple Way to Discover What Special Events are Going on Nearby,… In a few sentences, tell us what your start-up is all about!

“Want to find out what’s going on nearby? Throwing a block party and need to get the word out about it? Blix is a free, simple way to discover what’s going on nearby, like parties, protests, and food trucks. Share photos with everyone within a few miles – not just your friends.

A Simple Way to Discover What Special Events are Going on Nearby

A Simple Way to Discover What Special Events are Going on Nearby

Want to see what’s going on in Los Angeles? You can set your location to anywhere in the world and explore as if you were there.

You don’t need an account to start discovering what’s going on around you! Blix is a free social media app and available for download on the iOS app store now.”

Who are your competitors? And what is your start-up’s competitive advantage over them?

“YikYak – YikYak lets users anonymously share text and moderator-approved photos with people within a large, static radius. Blix allows users to publicly, non-anonymously share photos and text – moments, , with anyone within a variable radius. They can choose to display the location of their posts, and can choose a category for it. Unlike YikYak, Blix users can add friends and set their search radius to anything from 0.2 to 20 miles.

Instagram – Instagram allows users to share photos with their followers. It is an app that is more about the people using it than the things they are posting. Blix is the opposite in this sense – Blix is much more about the pictures posted, the moments shared, rather than the people posting them. Instead of seeing friends’ vacation photos on Instagram, Blix allows users to discover what’s going on in their area – they see real photos from everyone around them.”

Let us know a bit about your team, who are the key team members and what is their role?

“I’m Domenico, the founder and developer of Blix. I’m 16, and currently a high school student. I’ve loved coding ever since I was about ten, and have done a lot with my knowledge of coding ever since. I really learned how to code when I coded a Minecraft server 2 summers ago, with unique games for users to play. Although the server didn’t go as I wished, I am still very happy for the knowledge I got out of it.

I’ve been developing Blix for about 2 years now, and I am very proud of how it has evolved since I first started making it.”

Finally, do you have any other comments or information about your product that you would like to add?

“We have a shorter, catchier download link,

That’s about it. Thank you!”

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