How to Stream Movies and TV Shows to Samsung Smart TV?

As the largest group in Korea, Samsung involved in multiple fields, such as electronic industry, finance, insurance, etc. is the one of the leading TV manufacturers around the world releasing the first content-oriented Smart TV that easily connects to the internet and USB devices in 2008.

How to Stream Movies and TV Shows to Samsung Smart TV?

They start off widget services in the next year. And following, there are thousands of Apps in Samsung Smart TV, which is the world’s first multi-device application store service. In 2015, powered by Tizen, Samsung’s Smart TV redesigns the future entertainment experience, which makes customers more recreational.

Today in the latest 2017 TV models, Samsung completely redesigned its Smart TV experience and declared that it is the most beautiful TV that you have never seen. With a new intuitive menu, enhanced recommendations and various kinds of video apps, you can quickly access to your favorite shows, movies from Hulu, Netflix etc. However, just like other Smart TVs, it still can’t play iTunes M4V movies and TV shows directly with over 85,000 movies and more than 300.000 TV shows. Therefore, how wonderful if there is one way to mix them together! Fortunately, as a movie addict, I’d like to share you some tips to play movies on Samsung Smart TV, including iTunes movies, which makes customers more convenient to enjoy movies on home threat system.

Part 1. How to Play Common Videos on Samsung TV

There are two methods for you to enjoy your common videos on your Samsung Smart TV. One is to directly connect your PC to TV via a USB flash drive, the other way is to play videos on Samsung TV by burning a DVD. Then you can follow the detailed steps to play common videos on Samsung TV.

Play videos on Samsung Smart TV via a USB flash drive

Almost every Samsung Smart TV supports USB flash drives, please just copy the common videos to the USB flash drive first from the computer. Then you can plug in the USB drive to the USB interface of your Samsung TV. Ultimately, you can choose to play local source media files on the Samsung TV and locate the videos from the USB drive to start to play. This is the most common and easiest way.

Play videos on Samsung Smart TV by burning a DVD

If you have a DVD burner on your computer, you can also burn the common videos to a DVD first, and then plug in the DVD disc to your Samsung TV to play. However, DVD is on the way out, so more and more new devices including some model of Samsung TVs don’t support DVD disc any more. Please have a check before you do that. Anyway, burning to DVD is a good way to backup and play videos. If you do want to play DVDs on some TV which doesn’t have a built-in DVD Rom, you can also buy an external DVD player.

Part 2. How to Play iTunes Videos on Samsung TV

The above tutorial is how to play common videos on Samsung TV. But iTunes movies encrypted by FairPlay DRM technology are allowed to play on Apple-approved devices, what we can do to stream them to Samsung Smart TV?

With the purpose of playing iTunes movies and TV shows on Smart TV, all things you need is a third-party App to help you remove DRM protection from iTunes videos firstly. Here, you can have a try of this DRmare iTunes DRM removal, which can get rid of DRM restriction legally with all audio tracks, subtitles, and AC3 dolby 5.1 surround preserved 100%.

With the help of this smart iTunes M4V converter, you can play special movies on TV by doing a few clicks.

Import special DRM movies to this software by click the “+” button directly, define the output format as Samsung TV, and then click the “Convert” button to start the conversion. Now, you can enjoy these iTunes movies as common videos and play them on Samsung TV easily.

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