Avoid Mistakes When Taking Your Driving License Test

A driving license is like a permit to freedom. Isn’t that so? It’s as though you’ve finally let go of all your hindrances. You’ve just turned eighteen. But adding to all that is one thing that matters the most- getting a driver’s license. It’s not easy to get it, like everything else in life. Obviously, there will be roadblocks. While we’re on the subject of obstacles, the one that stands out the most is the driving license test.

Acquiring an offline driver’s license is a lengthy process, but one can also apply driving license online from the comfort of your home. So, just in case you don’t lose your symbolic ticket to maturity, here are some helpful hints. A driving license exam isn’t the most difficult thing in the world. The driving license test (also known as a behind-the-wheel test, a road test, or a practical test) is the most crucial step in getting your driving license.

While getting ready for the driving licence exam requires a lot of practice, recognizing the most common mistakes individuals make throughout the test can help you assess yourself and determine if you are ready.

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Driving License Test

Here are some “Common Driving Test Mistakes to Avoid” which will help you prepare and won’t let you mess up your driving license test:

Be Punctual:

It goes without saying. Always take your driving license test on time. Make sure you know where to report. Also, check the address of the RTO you need to contact. Arriving at this place half an hour earlier will help you better adapt to your surroundings. In addition, you can talk to other candidates there to get an overview of what will happen there.

Allowing your nerves to drive:

You know the Snicker ad, “You’re not you when you’re hungry?” The same goes for stress and nerves. You have practiced. You know the process by heart. You spend hours driving. So, breathe.

Not inspecting your mirrors regularly:

It can be hard to take your eyes off the road, but your rear-view mirror and side mirrors will help you drive more safely. Sorry. Not checking your mirror is not correct.

Forgetting to use your turn signals:

Signals are fundamental to driving and thus form a significant portion of your driving license test.

Making rolling stops:

At stop signs and red lights, always come to a complete stop behind the demarcation line. Also, when making a right turn at an intersection, remember to come to a complete stop.

Failure to yield to pedestrians:

Pedestrians have the right of way at all times. Keep an eye out for crosswalks and pedestrians, especially when turning.

The chaos of four-way stops:

When it’s your turn, it’s simple to rush forward or delay. Keep in mind that the driver that arrives first at the intersection has the right of way. If you arrive at the same moment as another driver, the driver on the right takes the wheel first.

Learn The Art of Indicating:

Indicators are like unspoken rules in driving licence exam. Always, we repeat, always use indicators when necessary. If you are asked to turn, you should always make a gesture suggesting that you are about to turn.

Improper lane changing:

When your instructor tells you to switch lanes, keep these things in mind:

  1. Look first
  2. Turn your signal on
  3. Check your blind spot
  4. Check your mirrors (rear and sides)
  5. Change lanes if all-clear

Be an expert on changing lanes.

Driving too slowly:

You can become so preoccupied with not speeding that you wind up driving too slowly. However, driving slowly can be just as dangerous as speeding. It’s time to speed up if cars are passing you.

Too much braking:

Hard braking should only be utilized in extreme circumstances. Aside from that, your braking should be smooth and pleasant. Consider how much time you’ll need to come to a complete stop and brake accordingly.

Too close to the action:

Allow at least 2-3 vehicles of space behind the vehicle in front of you.

Not being aware that the speed limit has changed:

Make sure you’re always aware of your speed, no matter where you are. Pay special attention to the zones below, where speed limits might substantially change:

  1. Residential streets
  2. School zones
  3. Construction zones
  4. Freeways

Shrugging and saying you didn’t know the speed limit won’t cut it on the road test.

Not keeping both hands on the wheel:

It doesn’t matter if you can drive on your knees alone; always keep your hands on the wheel during the driving test.

Take the defective vehicle to the road test:

Allowing your automobile to be the cause of your failure is not an option. Ensure that your vehicle conforms with all safety regulations, such as having a clear, unbroken windshield, working seat belts, and working lights.

Remember “9 and 3″:

When taking a driver’s test, always use both hands. Keep your hands on the steering wheel at 9 o’clock and 3 o’clock. It’s a tried-and-true method for improving your driving skills.

Go Easy on The Accelerator:

In front of your mentor, you don’t have to be an expert. Make sure you respect the speed limit and easily step on the accelerator.

Practice Your Reversing Skills:

Yes, this seems to be a basic thing. However, in the driving license test, you are always expected to know how to use reverse gear perfectly without any obstacles. Practice by trying to park the car in some narrow spaces.


When you look at it, the driving license test is not difficult to pass. The little details and the basics will determine the fate of your driver’s license at the RTO. So, if you are getting a license for the first time or want to renew it, be sure to avoid the above mistakes.

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