Top 5 Ways to Unlock iPhone Without Passcode or Face ID

Have you ever run into annoying circumstances when you forget the screen lock passcodes or the Face ID just fails to work for you? It would be a risk trying an insured password so that multiple wrong entries will directly lock up your iPhone.

Therefore, for any of you who are getting into emergent situations and need to unlock iPhone without passcodes or Face ID, the following 5 solutions may help you out. Please scroll down and dive into reading.

  • Solution 1: Use A Professional iPhone Unlocker to Unlock iPhone
  • Solution 2: How to Unlock iPhone with iTunes
  • Solution 3: How to Unlock iPhone Through Find My Feature
  • Solution 4: Erase iPhone to Remove Screen Locks (For iOS 15.3 or Higher)
  • Solution 5: How to Unlock iPhone Using Siri
  • Final Words

Solution 1: Use A Professional iPhone Unlocker to Unlock iPhone

Resulting from Apple’s high security protection, to unlock iPhone without utilizing a passcode or Face ID / Touch ID, you’d better seek assistance from professional third-party programs.

Passvers iPhone Unlocker offers outstanding unlocking function to help you remove any lock from iDevices within very easy manipulation. Regardless of the 4-digit/6-digit, Face ID, or Touch ID screen locks, the program can function to bypass them and returns a lock-free iPhone back to you. Passvers iPhone Unlocker has enhanced its iPhone screen locks removal service over years, and has been verified as the one with the highest success rate on the market. Its security system will also safeguard your data without any possibility leading to privacy disclosure. From all these aspects, it is recommended as the top 1 option to unlock iPhone without passcodes or Face ID required.

Overall, all major sparking features of Passvers iPhone Unlocker can be concluded as the following points:

  • It is compatible with screen locks and other iOS locks removal, including Apple ID, iCloud Activation Lock, and screen time passcodes.
  • Run smoothly and can be well supported on almost all iOS models, including the latest versions.
  • The program can work to remove locks under any scenario whenever you need.
  • The overall manipulation is quite easy to handle, suitable for every user to quickly get started.

Next, please read further and learn how Passvers iPhone Unlocker can complete the iPhone screen lock removal within only 3 procedures without a passcode or Face ID/ Touch ID required.

Step 1. Select Wipe Passcode

First, install Passvers iPhone Unlocker on your Windows or Mac computer (the program in not a mobile application!), then run it and select Wipe Passcode from the main feed.

Step 2. Connect iPhone and Download Firmware

Subsequently, please connect your iPhone with a computer to let Passvers iPhone Unlocker detect the device. Next, click on the Start button to proceed with the device scanning and also follow the instructions to install a firmware package.

Step 3. Confirm to Remove iPhone Lock

When the firmware package is well installed, you will be asked to enter 0000 to confirm unlocking the iPhone. Wait till the process is completed for you!

Solution 2: How to Unlock iPhone with iTunes

We know that the iPhone has been equipped with a Recovery Mode to deal with some sudden system errors. Actually, you can utilize this feature and also make use of iTunes to unlock iPhone easily. The following procedures will guide you how:

1. Shut down your iPhone first. Subsequently, long-press the corresponding buttons according to the iPhone model you are utilizing to turn it into Recovery Mode:

iPhone 8 or later: the side button

iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus: the volume down button

iPhone SE or easier: the home button

2. Now, please connect your device with the computer, and run iTunes to let it detect your iPhone.

3. When the notification pops up, confirm to Restore your device. Then your iPhone can be unlocked directly.

Attention: You’d better make sure all your important data has been stored on iTunes, or they can’t be restored then.

Restore iPhone to Unlock

Solution 3: How to Unlock iPhone Through Find My Feature

If you have enabled the Find My feature on, then this is also another method you can take advantage of to unlock the iPhone. Please figure out how now:

1. Make sure the Find My iPhone feature has been toggled on. Subsequently, use your computer to visit

2. After logging in with your Apple credentials, select Find My >> All Devices to find your iPhone from the list.

3. Click on the device, and confirm to Erase iPhone. Then you can get your iPhone unlocked without entering passcodes.

Erase iPhone to Unlock

Solution 4: Erase iPhone to Remove Screen Locks (For iOS 15.3 or Higher)

For iPhone devices of iOS 15.3 or higher systems installed, awaking the hidden Erase iPhone feature can easily help you get rid of iPhone screen locks. However, you should be noted that this way will erase all your data along with the passcode. Therefore, make sure you have well backed up all your important data before initiating the iPhone lock removal:

1. Try to input an incorrect passcode to lock up your iPhone.

2. Once the disabled message appears, there will be the Erase iPhone option provided as well.

3. Click on it and enter your Apple ID credentials to confirm erasing iPhone, including its screen lock.

Unlock iPhone with Erase iPhone Feature

Solution 5: How to Unlock iPhone Using Siri

Surprisingly, the voice assistance Siri also offers a hidden tricky way to give a favor in unlocking the iPhone with you forget about the passcode to access the device. The manipulation would be a little complicated, but as you can follow up the procedures below, you can get it unlocked successfully:

1. Awake Siri on iPhone and ask it to open the Clock app.

2. When it switches to the list with the voices you selected for your alarm clocks, click on any of them and there will be a Buy more tunes option provided.

3. Click on it and you will be guided to iTunes Store. Now please press the home button to return the home screen of your iPhone, and you will surprisingly find then you have entered the device without entering the passcode or utilizing Face ID!

Use Siri to Unlock iPhone

Final Words

This review has introduced the 5 best ways to unlock iPhone. Among all of them, you will discover the simplest and most professional method that can be utilizing a powerful third-party specialist, Passvers iPhone Unlocker. Please install it now and have a try!

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