Gas vs. Diesel Truck: The Differences Explained

Most people are aware that we invented gasoline engines in the late 19th century. What they are not aware of, though, is we invented diesel around the same time. The earliest diesel engine appeared in 1893.

When you drop by your dealership to buy a truck, you will see both gas and diesel options. Buying a new truck is expensive, so you want to be sure you get the right one, whether you’re looking at fuel economy ratings, hauling capacity, or otherwise. So when it comes to a gas vs diesel truck, what’s the difference?

Join us as we take a quick look at gas trucks and diesel trucks.

Comparing a Gas vs Diesel Truck

Both gas and diesel use internal combustion to drive their engines. In other words, they make small fuel explosions inside their combustion chambers to drive pistons. Both of them use processed oil, with the only difference being that gasoline is more refined and volatile.

Advantages of Diesel

Diesel engines have the primary advantage of being more fuel efficient. Although diesel fuel is often the most expensive option, you won’t have to hit the gas station as often.

Diesel also allows vehicles to carry the heaviest loads. All the big semi-trucks have such powerful torque because of diesel’s ability to generate it.

Plus, diesel engines last a long time, longer than gas engines. They require less maintenance and have fewer parts like spark plugs. Follow this link to learn more about their parts, like injectors.

Advantages of Gas

The main benefit of gas is performance. Gas vehicles are smaller, but they can go much faster and accelerate at a quicker rate. A truck with gasoline will be able to overtake and charge up onramps faster than diesel.

Further, it’s easy to find gasoline. You will see it at virtually every gas station in the world. Diesel, unfortunately, won’t always be there.

Last but not least, gasoline costs a lot more to maintain and is trickier to deal with. Since gas is more volatile, more problems can arise in the pistons and cylinders. This can also, in rare cases, make gasoline cars more dangerous.

Which One Should You Choose?

Diesel trucks are very popular for good reason, but you shouldn’t buy them in all cases. The main reason to buy diesel is if you are hauling big loads. The big trucks with the highest capacity are all diesel.

While longevity and fuel efficiency are nice benefits, it’s not the primary reason to buy diesel. Choose diesel if you are working in an industry that calls for it.

Gasoline is best if your car is for a commute or regular long-distance journeys. If you plan to take the whole family, gasoline is probably preferable.

Get the Right Truck for You

After comparing a gas vs diesel truck, which is ideal for you? It comes down to your day-to-day requirements.

Diesel has unparalleled torque, great fuel efficiency, and lasts much longer. Gasoline gets better performance, though, and runs on a fuel that is available everywhere you go.

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