How a Low-Speed Car Crash Can Still Be Dangerous

Were you aware that there was an increase in traffic deaths from 2019 to 2021?

It’s a common misconception that only high-speed collisions result in painful injuries. Even a low-speed car crash can pose dangers to everyone involved.

Are you wondering how that’s possible? Keep reading to learn why you should avoid a low-speed car crash.

The Dangers of Whiplash

Whiplash happens when the head and neck abruptly jolt back and forth. This type of injury can occur even when the vehicle’s speed isn’t very high.

That forceful neck movement can strain the muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Afterward, you could experience pain, stiffness, and even reduced mobility.

Whiplash can be a persistent and debilitating condition. It often requires medical attention and prolonged recovery.

The Possibility of a Back Injury

Another potential injury resulting from a low-speed car crash is a back injury. The impact from the collision can cause the spine to jolt. This one movement can cause various types of back injuries.

The spinal cord, vertebrae, discs, and nerves can all be affected. You could end up experiencing intense pain and limited movement. In some cases, there are long-term complications.

A so-called “minor” accident can still cause back injuries. Afterward, you may need medical treatment, physical therapy, and ongoing care.

Factors That Come Into Play

The human body can be vulnerable to sudden movements and impacts. This is true even at relatively low speeds. Factors such as the position of the occupants, the design of the vehicle, and the use of seat belts can all come into play.

A vehicle’s total bulk can affect the extent of injuries, too. The energy transferred during the collision can still affect the occupants even if it doesn’t destroy the car.

Are you still unsure? It’s crucial to recognize that the severity of a car accident injury may not always correlate with the collision’s speed.

It can affect a person on a physical and emotional level. Don’t forget about the financial implications as well.

How to Reduce Your Risk of an Auto Accident

Do you want to mitigate the risks associated with low-speed collisions? If so, it’s essential to prioritize safety measures.

Wearing seat belts, adjusting headrests, and ensuring proper positioning within the vehicle can help reduce safety risks.

Maintaining a safe distance from other vehicles is also vital. Don’t forget to avoid distractions while driving.

Following speed limits can minimize the likelihood of being involved in any car accident. If you experience a car crash, contact an auto accident law firm.

Now You Can Avoid a Low-Speed Car Crash

After reading this article, you can do your best to be safe on the road and avoid a low-speed car crash.

There’s plenty you can do to keep your care safe. If you want to learn more tips and hacks, then feel free to browse our blog.

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