How to Stop Notifications from any App in Android and iPhone

How to stop push notifications: Now a days a push notifications are in demand. And many android developer give inbuilt option for push notifications in android app development. Actually notification feature is useful in many ways. But, sometime that push notification feature is irritating us, specially at a time of concentration. Because many push notification tone break our concentration and disturb out thought process.

There are a ways to stop notifications in any android or iPhone devices. We need to just twink app notification settings. And you are relax from your installed apps notification services. In such a way we are going to tell you about stop push notifications android or how to off push notifications, through which you can get rid of this trouble.

Stop Notifications in Android and iPhone

stop notifications,

The smartphone has become a pressing need in the lives of people. Everyone is up to. Chatting with friends, or the official match, it becomes possible to do everything.

Moreover, users are then also enjoy shopping online through this, but sometimes cause trouble for your smartphone that allows you.

How to Stop App Notifications:

If you go to a movie, the phone live notifications are quite upset. The phone seems to ring in the middle of the movie anytime. Many apps in your phone will contain Notifications will occur.

Not just a movie, even if you are in an important meeting, the push notification becomes troublesome. So, if you want to get rid of the trouble to follow the following steps.

Stop Notifications Android:

First, go to the settings of the phone for Android Mobile.

– Notifications to turn off the app, click it.

– Now you will open a new window. It will be several options.

– These options will get a notification option.

– If you want to block or turn off notifications if you want to “show notifications” option to turn off.

– It blocks all in the name of a phone can be.

– As soon as you close your notifications from the app will stop coming.

Stop Screen Alerts Notification for iPhone:

  1. Launch the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad.
  2. Tap on Notification Center.
  3. Scroll down and find the app you’d like to disable Lock screen alerts for and tap on it.
  4. Again, scroll down to the bottom and now turn the option for Show on Lock Screen to Off.

Know more about Android and iPhone App Tricks:

So, this is about how to stop notifications in your android or iPhone devices. And save yourself to disturbing from annoying push notification services from your smartphones. Have a any other steps to tune your notifications, share with us. And stay tuned with us for more updates on stop notifications in android devices.

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