High Paying Best Google Adsense Alternatives For Indians

Google AdSense is a leading name in the field of online advertising. It allows a blog or website owner to monetize their site’s content. But there may be some reasons for which you may be considering alternatives to AdSense, primarily because of being banned to place AdSense.

This may be because you are not following the strict terms and conditions of the site. Several new blogs and websites find it difficult to get approved from Google AdSense to place ads on their website. So, it becomes important to find equivalent alternatives to AdSense. There are the Some best ad networks that can be used with Adsense or as an alternative to AdSense. There are many other networks in the Indian market but they are not that impressive. :



Infolinks Many Indian publishers are already aware of this Infolinks ad network which makes use ofin-text ads. All you need to do is add the Infolinks code in your HTML file and related keywords automatically get linked and when visitors move the mouse over these links they see a box with the ads in it.Infolinks does work and is a good combination with Adsense.  Minimum payment threshold is $50.


BuySellsAds makes buying and selling ads incredibly easy. It also offers the most diverse set of monetization tools for publishers:Minimum payment threshold is $50

BidVertiser According to certain bloggers, this one is the best alternative for AdSense. They claim to display highest bidders on a site, ensuring that you receive maximum revenue through your ads. BidVertiser pays you through PayPal with least amount of $10 and through Check with minimum amount of $50.


Ezoic is also a very popular Adsense alternative. I would highly recommend to give it a try. We did run some test with Ezoic and result were awesome.

Media.Net Publisher Network This is much like the Google AdSense, with restricted terms and conditions like its counterpart. But the good thing about Media. Net Publisher Network is that you can integrate other Media services in your ads too, such as Add to My feature. Payments are made through Check and PayPal.

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