The world’s most dangerous Virus attack took place on Today, about 100 countries had come

Many businesses have come to a standstill due to lockdown and corona virus worldwide. Due to its increasing proliferation, people are moving towards online transactions instead of cash transactions. 

However, such transactions have also increased the risk of cybercrime. Similarly, a threat emerged in the year 2017. 

In fact, between 12-15th of May, many such cases came up in which people said that their computer has stopped working. On May 13, the matter began to be revealed.

The world’s most dangerous Virus attack took place on Today, about 100 countries had come in the grip of it

corona vs ransomware

Let us tell you that this was the biggest malware attack named Wannacry Ransomware (WannaCry). Due to which around 100 countries were affected.

From today itself, information about cases was started. A total of 2 lakh 30 thousand computers were affected by this virus. This global attack was done through the ransomware tool.

What is wannacray ransomware

Wannacray ransomware is called WannaCry or WanaCrypt0r 2.0 in English. At the same time, Ransom is an English word meaning ransom. This is a ransomware malware tool using which a cyber attack was carried out. 

Through this cyber attack, computer lock of institutions was attacked. Due to which the possibility of data theft was also increased. 

However, the intention of hackers was something else. A ransom was being demanded on opening the computer back.

 Many such cases were reported in which ransom of up to $ 300-600 was sought in the form of bitcoins.

After a sudden attack, the affected organizations became restless and shared screenshots to their technical team, which they could not even solve. While doing the open, he came to know that this act is of hackers.

Let us tell you that Britain, America, China, Russia, Spain, Italy, Vietnam and many other big countries were also affected by this. Britain’s National Health Service was also affected by this attack. According to the cyber security researcher, 36 thousand cases of seeking bitcoins were detected.

Hackers had used cyber attack on such a large scale using technology like the National Security Agency of America. 

According to experts in cyber cases, the technology used by the US National Security Agency was leaked on the Internet. Taking advantage of this, the hackers made such a big attack.

A cyber alert was declared after this attack. On May 13, a UK security research agency had warned that the second major cyber attack could occur on 15 May 2017. 

However, this attack did not happen again after this?

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