Complete Guide to Trading Crypto-Related Equities

Ever since they were first introduced, cryptocurrencies have produced incredible profits. You would have generated a good amount of money if you had invested before the most recent bull market or, even more, the one preceding that. Many people are intrigued by the cryptocurrency market owing to the massive incentives. If you are planning to invest in Bitcoin via trading, you may use a reliable trading platform like

Numerous others are beginning to question if they too may become billionaires by only making a little investment in the cryptocurrency industry. But what deters most people is their lack of information and concern of losing 50% to 90% when the subsequent market crash occurs. So, a lot of people have begun looking for equities that are crypto-related. Throughout this article, we will examine a few equities with a connection to cryptocurrencies to determine whether you should trade and invest in them and whether they really are lower-risk options.

Guide for Trading Crypto,

Equities In the Crypto Industry

Tesla, Coinbase, and MicroStrategy are among the first businesses that come to mind when discussing equities tied to the cryptocurrency industry. Many people could classify them as “crypto-related equities,” and in a sense, they all have some connection to cryptocurrencies, but it is vital to understand how they vary.


If you want to have a lot of exposure to the crypto market, Tesla, which is renowned for its electric cars, might not be the ideal investment. The reason for this is that, while Tesla appeared to go in lockstep with Bitcoin when it initially promised its 1.5-billion-dollar Bitcoin acquisition, this is still a minor sum in comparison to Tesla’s other companies. The performance of Tesla’s main company, which consists of vehicles and batteries, will have a greater impact on the stock than the fluctuation in Bitcoin’s price.


There is more to MicroStrategy than merely Bitcoin because it offers business analytics software services. Their Bitcoin ownership, though, may currently represent their most valuable asset. When contrasted to their BTC holdings, which at 40k dollars would be around 4.2 billion dollars based on their market value of 5.2 billion dollars, MicroStrategy’s other activities, which generated over 500 million dollars in revenue in 2020, are only worth about a billion dollars.

Naturally, Bitcoin’s price fluctuates quickly. Therefore, it seems to sense that MicroStrategy may be a little undervalued given that it would be unlikely for them to sell all of their Bitcoins simultaneously without generating market fear. As already indicated, MicroStrategy provides much more direct exposure to the upside of Bitcoin than Tesla, a firm with only a little exposure to the upside of cryptocurrencies.


Coinbase, the third-largest cryptocurrency exchange by volume and maybe the most well-known among novice investors, earns the majority of its revenue from trading fees. Because of this, Coinbase will undoubtedly be a firm to pay attention to if you are an investor and as long as cryptocurrencies are exchanged in great amounts, and if Coinbase is successful in luring new clients.

Since Coinbase’s earnings are unrelated to the price of Bitcoin, some experts feel that the share price of the company has mostly moved in lockstep with the overall cryptocurrency markets. Additionally, Will Nance recommended buying Coinbase and called it the finest investment to have exposure to the cryptocurrency markets.


As a result, it is important to keep in mind that there are several varieties of crypto-related equities. First, there are people that closely monitor Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency price movements, such as MicroStrategy as well as some mining firms. Then there are some, like Coinbase, who gain more from the uptake and enduring interest in cryptocurrencies. Finally, there are businesses like Tesla that have just accepted cryptocurrencies as a form of payment and may have made a minor investment in them.

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