Easy DIY Water Garden Ideas for Balcony or Patio

What is water garden? Actually water garden is a part of landscape of your backyard or front garden of your house. That contain a water feature with gardening on their sloping side of water body.

Water garden is a quite unique feature in landscaping. Many of have a desire to create water garden for our house, but lake of space we are not fulfilled our desire to create full size water garden. But today we see how to make small water garden. That will place in your balcony or patio space.

DIY Small Water Garden Ideas for Balcony or Patio.

Before go over the process of miniature water garden, we see some facts and required materials for creating small water garden. The size of the water garden box is vary as per your selection of the wooden section.

water garden,

Materials for Water Garden Planters.

Required Materials:

  • Wood.
  • Water sealant.
  • Plastic liner.
  • Water plants (Plants used in this how to: Japanese sweet flag, arrowhead, common duckweed, broadleaf, stonecrop, houseleek, deer fern, and blue-eyed grass.)
  • Potting soil.
  •  Pea gravel.
  • Gazing ball or other ornament.

material for make Small Water Garden for Balcony or Patio

Required tools in making of water garden.

  • Handsaw or circular saw.
  • Hammer and nails.
  • Drill.
  • Wood screws, screwdriver.

Now, are you ready with above mention materials and tools, then we see further diy process.

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