How Share Market Apps are Transforming Investment Landscaped in India?

Share market apps are mobile applications that provide investors with an ease to trade in the Indian stock market and you can trade anywhere on the go. You can open the Demat and trading account in a digital form and you can start your trading journey in a hassle-free manner.

In this article, we’ll understand how the Indian share market app is helping traders in their investment journey.

Benefits of Indian Share Market App in Today’s Time

The share market apps are offered by stockbrokers that are registered with SEBI. They will leverage the technology and provide an interface to the traders where they can buy and sell stocks with a few clicks. Here are some of the benefits of share market apps that are helping traders in this new era:

1. Easy Holding of Certificates

Before the introduction of online share market apps, the share certificates were to be held in the physical form which poses a risk of theft and misprinting information. With online trading apps, these risks are avoided and you can hold your share certificates in the Demat form.

Also, this is a compulsion to hold the share certificates in the Demat form only. These apps now help you in opening a Demat account in digital form in a few minutes or hours.

2. All Instruments in One Place

You can get a chance to trade in different financial instruments such as stocks, options, futures, ETFs, mutual funds, etc. from one app only. This provides ease in managing the different instruments’ holdings in one place.

You can also access the market data for different instruments and you can change your market position as per your budget and market analysis.

3.Speedy Transactions

The Indian share market app is now completely transformed in a way that you can complete your transaction in a few minutes. You can get real-time updates on the stock’s price movements thereby enabling you to take market positions in a fast manner.

You can also add or redeem the funds from the share market apps to your bank account in a speedy way. This will help in managing the cash and investment opportunities according to your convenience.

4. Portfolio Management

You can manage your overall portfolio in such a way that all your holdings are accumulated in a list and you can check the overall payoff from your investments in the form of charts or tabular form.

These apps provide real-time updates on your portfolio which can help you sell the stocks that are making losses and you can buy more stocks that are profitable. These apps also provide customized suggestions on the basis of your past trading activities and chosen risk appetite.


Share market apps are changing the investment landscape in India in a way that you don’t need to hustle to hold share certificates in physical form. These apps provide all instruments in one place and you can complete the transaction with a few clicks. Also, you can manage your overall portfolio in one app.

If you are looking for an Indian share market app that provides all these features or benefits, then you can open an account on the Dhan Online Trading App.

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