8 Perfect Ways to Select a Winning Fantasy Cricket Team

Online gaming enthusiasts have a huge interest in playing fantasy games for various obvious reasons, especially cricket as it brings the game to their fingertips. Here, the registered users create a virtual team of real players, and by incorporating the right skill and strategy, win the game. Each player has a point, and the scoring happens based on how the selected players perform in the actual matches.

Like regular cricket matches, fantasy cricket has become a household name in India, and playing it is a routine activity today for many people. As it created a chance to earn money while having fun, it has gained popularity across the length and breadth of the country. Since the IPL T20 fantasy league 2023 has started, the competition between the established and new fantasy cricket apps are benefitting the users with many variations in the game.

Since the user’s points are morally dependent on the real player’s performance in a real match, it is crucial to know the ways to select the winning fantasy cricket team by utilizing your cricketing knowledge. So, here are a few strategies to keep in mind while selecting a fantasy squad:

1. Know The Rules

Rule is a rule even for a fool! So, the necessity to win a fantasy game is to know all the rules. Think that you have won half of the battle even before the beginning of the match if you are aware of the rules. Follow this foremost step to succeed in online fantasy games to stay ahead of your competition.

2. Managing The Budget

Once you understand the rules of the game, it is time to manage the budget. Creating a fantasy team might look easy from the outset but it is not an easy task as there is a budget constraint. So, you cannot pick any random player to form a team and need to mix up Indian players, uncapped players, and overseas players homogeneously. Make a balanced team by keeping the budget in mind to win big in fantasy cricket.

3. Choose The Best Players

As much as Indians idolise and revere the cricketers who are special to them, favouritism often bring you less optimal results. So, it is advisable to choose the top players and not just the ‘big names’ for your cricket fantasy team. Compose the team with the in-form players and not the ones you love and admire.

Keep in mind that a higher proportion of all-rounders in the team increases your chances of winning more points as these players can earn rewards in both innings with bat and ball.

4. Do Analyse Players’ Recent Performance

One of the most critical aspects of playing a T20 cricket fantasy game is contemplating how players have been performing. In fantasy cricket, the famous saying “form is temporary, the class is permanent” does not work because form is of great importance in this format of the game. A cricketer’s performance can be predicted accurately by considering their recent games and not on career records or a popular image. Here, how the selected players perform in a match will determine your earnings. So, the player’s form can make or break your game.

5. Prefer Selecting The Top-order Batsmen

In limited-overs games like T20 matches, often the top-order batsmen will get to play the maximum number of balls. It means these are the players who will help you win more points in the game. Therefore, give preference to the top-order batsmen who are in good form and select them for your team to maximize the chances of winning real cash.

6. Take Care When Selecting Your Team’s Captain and Vice-Captain

It may not seem that obvious, but the choices you make for selecting a captain and vice-captain are more crucial than you think. The team leaders’ selection could well make the difference between winning big and going home. It is because, in fantasy league cricket, the captain and vice-captain earn 2 times the points and 1.5 times the points respectively than the regular players. Hence, a carefully considered selection of the skipper and his deputy will give you an edge over your rivals.

7. Check Weather and Pitch Conditions

The weather and pitch conditions of the location where a match is being held are crucial factors that affect a player’s performance. For example, some players perform well on a normal day with hardly any wind, while other cricketers can play well even on a windy day. It is important to do adequate research on players and what weather suits them.

8. Points System

Read and understand the points system of the fantasy app carefully before start choosing the players for the team. It will help you earn more points. There is some point for almost every cricketing activity i.e., scoring runs, taking wickets, hitting fours and sixes, fielding points, captain and vice-captain bonuses, and so on. There are negative points also such as dismissal for a duck, etc. So, having aware of the points system will help you increase your chances of earning more points and winning real cash.


Ultimately, playing online fantasy cricket leagues provides a long-lasting experience and surely you will enjoy it. However, be ready to take risks at times while selecting the best XI players for your team.

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