SBI Clerk: What Are the Best Tips to Get A High Score in Prelims?

Have you been wondering how you need to prepare for the SBI clerk exam? We are going to share some of the important tips, which can help you to do better in the prelims exam. Getting a high score in the prelims exam can increase the ratio of being selected in the exam. You have landed at the best platform.

Discussing about the SBI Clerk Eligibility, you are required to have a graduation degree in any of these streams such as BSc, B.Tech, BA and so on. Make sure that the graduation degree must be from a reputed government college. A candidate carrying the same qualification from a reputed university is also allowed to go for this exam.

SBI Clerk Exam Tips –

Moreover, if you do hold a dual degree then you need to ensure that the date of passing the IDD certificate should be accordingly the published date. If you are in the last year of your graduation then you may also go ahead to apply provisionally subject accordingly the subject to the condition in case if they get selected then they would be required to produce proof of holding passed the graduation examination as per the asked date by the management.

What Topics You Need to Revise to Gain Maximum Marks

You need to go with different types of topics to double your understanding indeed. The best thing is that you would be finding a variety of topics while going through different questions asked in SBI Clerk Previous Year Papers. Being a candidate, you need to practice all sorts of topics in an accurate way. You need to cover topic wise to understand everything in a discreet manner.

You need to choose the topics, which can bring huge weightage indeed. You need to go through the entire syllabus to understand everything. Here, it needs to mention that last-minute preparation candidates must go with the topics, which can help to bring more efforts along with maximum weightage in SBI clerk exam. It is time to understand what topic holds maximum weightage going through the last year exam and go accordingly.

Do Watch the Short Video Tutorials

You need to go ahead to watch the short video tutorials to understand the entire syllabus in a sophisticated manner. You can find a variety of video tutorials following the different topics in the context of the exam.  If you come up with any sort of doubts, your doubts will be cleared understanding all video tutorials. Yes, videos do actually help in the context of understanding everything in a better way.

Make sure that you are going to choose the best videos to increase your information. Short video tutorials can help you to grab more information accordingly. These videos make it possible to clear your doubts.

To Understand the Latest Pattern

It is quite important to understand the latest pattern in an ideal manner. You need to go with the examination pattern. Here, it needs to mention that the preliminary examination holds 100 marks and it will be online. Here, it needs to mention that this test would be of 1 -hour covering 3 different sections. To clear that, you need to go with a strategy in an ideal manner. If you are not aware of the pattern then it could be difficult indeed. Therefore, the importance of understanding patterns must not go out of your preparation schedule. 

Do Attempt the Mock Tests in An Intelligent Manner

Here, you need to understand that online tests or online quizzes can truly help you to understand any sort of competitive exam including the prelims section. Candidates should attempt mock tests as much as possible to accumulate over time management as well as accuracy. Once you are done with the mock test, you need to analyze it in a detailed manner. It will truly help candidates in an accurate manner in what area they are strong or weak.

You Need to Avoid Guesswork While Attending the Exam

You need to make yourself free from guesswork indeed while attending the exam. Here, it needs to mention that 0.25 marks would be deducted if you give the wrong answer. Sometimes, your guesswork might be helpful but you should not rely on it too much. It can lead towards negative results indeed. You need to take extra care while doing guesswork in exams.


So, what are you waiting for? It is time to make sure that you take the right step to prepare yourself for this exam. Clearing the SBI Clerk exam can make you feel proud.

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